Tam Scam

Tam's Scams: Brandy and the Social Security Scam

Tammy hates scams and is always looking out to catch scammers in the act. Brandy called us to become part the scam busters and tell us about a social security scam that almost got her.
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Tam's Scam Busters: The Call from Apple

Tam hates scams and she is doing everything she can to make sure San Diego is informed about the people trying to take their money. Today we got a call from Erica who got a call from someone at Apple saying there was an issue with her Apple ID.
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Tam's Scam Busters: Kurt and the Scammer

The one thing Tammy hates most in the world is scammers and her husband feels the same way. When Kurt came across a scammer the other day, he confronted him. Hear how it all went down below:
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