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Ten questions with Nick from KSON.

- Word is, you're on something like your 33rd year at KSON.  Why so long here?

I'm not about to give up my primo parking space.

- What other jobs have you had?

Many years ago I was a bouncer at a theater and I worked the snack bar.  That's not actually butter on the popcorn, by the way.

- What is it?

Well, put it this way, there's a reason we called it "30 weight."

- Do have any pets?

Yes, we've had several over the years.  Currently, it's two maniacal cats and one neurotic dog.

- Why do you say the dog is "neurotic"?

It's less severe and shows a little more compassion than just flat out calling him "crazy."

- What would you tell a young person who has dreams of getting into radio?

Get help.  Seriously.  See a specialist.  No, actually it can be very challenging and a lot of fun.

- You say "challenging" -- what is it you find most challenging?

The office coffee.

- What's the best way someone could prepare for a radio career?

Whenever you meet anyone, like a stranger on the street, or a co-worker, just run right up to them, get right in their face, start talking as loud and as fast as you can, tell them what time it is, then tell them if they stay put, you'll give them a chance to win Kenny Chesney tickets.  Then, try to sell them a car.

- Do you have any hidden talents?

Yes, my uncanny ability to keep from throttling interviewers who ask lame questions.

- What job, other than your own, would you like to attempt?

OK, no, I'm not answering that.  That's just a direct rip-off from that James Lipton guy on "Inside the Actor's Studio."

- Is it?

Yes.  Hey, that's 11 questions.

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