CountryFest-Oke: Lady Antebellum Edition

July 10, 2017

All this week we are giving you a chance to hang out with Jerrod Neimann before CountryFest this Saturday and do some karaoke in a Subaru! But, you're gonna have to work for it with what we like to call CounrtyFest-oke! You need to sing a song from a past CountryFest artist and if it's the song in Tammy's super-secret envelope you will win! Next chance to win will be Tuesday morning (7/11) at 8:10am. 

BTW you can still get your tickets for CountryFest here. 

This morning listeners had to sing a Lady Antebellum song. Hear how they did below: 

CountryFest-Oke: Lady Antebellum Edition