Teachers Are Heroes - Ed Sandstrom

Los Peñasquitos Elementary

April 27, 2017

The Entercom San Diego stations, along with Azusa Pacific University San Diego Regional Campus and the San Diego County Office of Education present our latest 'Teachers Are Heroes' award winner - Ed Sandstrom!

Mr. Sandstrom is a 4th Grade educator from Los Peñasquitos Elementary, part of the Poway Unified District.

In her nomination letter, Brenda Killingbeck commented,

Ed teaches fourth grade Academy at Los Penesquitos Elementary school. Not only does Ed teach he is also the head chairman of the Academy. My son entered 4th grade with a history of learning disabilities recently diagnosed ADHD and an all around struggle since 1st grade with learning effectively.

It has not been easy for any of the staff, but Mr Sandstorm day by day has softened my son's discouragement of feeling inadequate and a failure. His tender heart in really wanting my son to succeed has been so magnificent that even other colleagues have said they have never seen Mr Sandstorm make these personal sacrafices for a student.

I nominate Ed Sandstorm for this amazing award, as he deserves to be honored not only by you but all the staff and students that have watched this amazing teacher persevere through his own struggle with pain but lifting his kids up and giving them the best education he can. And of course, he is part of the rebound Poway Unified school district.

Thank you for your nomination and congratulations Mr. Sandstrom!

Pictured left to right, Nick Upton from Sunny 98.1/Entercom San Diego, Andre Argaez of Azusa Pacific University San Diego Regional Campus, Mr. Sandstrom, George Sandoval of the Entercom San Diego stations, Samantha Womack from the San Diego County Office of Education and Deanne McLaughlin, Principal of Los Peñasquitos Elementary.