Emergency Ready: Sign Up For Alert San Diego

As we've seen with the recent Chariot Fire, the wildfire season is upon us in San Diego County.

Frequently, county agencies will use the Reverse 911 system to notify people when problems can affect them...and it's not only used in the event of wild fires. It could be a chemical spill, flooding or another natural disaster where authorities need to quickly alert a neighborhood to the dangers.

If you have a regular land line telephone, your number is already in the Reverse 911 system, whether your number is listed or unlisted. But even if you don't have a traditional land-line phone, you can still be notified.

If you have a cell phone, a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone number or only an email address for contact, you can also register those methods of contact with the County of San Diego.

To sign up on the Alert San Diego page, click here.

Watch the video below for more about Alert San Diego...