Garth Brooks To Tour in 2014!

Superstar spills the beans on World Tour on Good Morning America

Superstar Garth Brooks announced on ‘Good Morning America’ on Monday (Dec. 9) that he’s going on tour in 2014 — and no one was more surprised than him.

The singer appeared on ‘GMA’ live from Times Square to talk about his new box set, ‘Blame It All on My Roots,’ which propelled him back to the top of the country charts. And while talking about his success with his new musical endeavor, the topic of touring came up.

After saying, "Between me and you, I think we'll make an announcement very soon," Brooks almost immediately added, "..let's announce it."

Brooks confirmed the news: "We're going on a world tour in 2014. It begins."

Garth Brooks admitted that the announcement was totally unscripted and unplanned. He seemed actually shocked that he had said it.

“Our baby is a senior in high school. We’ve talked about it. All my babies are fine with it, Miss Yearwood is fine with it. So now I get to do what I love to do — play music — I get to be with the person I want to be with — which is Miss Yearwood — and my children are off on their own.”

Tour plans are, as they say, forthcoming! More info when we have it, on KSON.