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I was a very creative child and my sisters and I made "radio" tapes as kids...the news, sports, even our own commercials. What I wouldn't give to find one now. My Step-Dad is in radio and I guess as much as I ran from it, I ended up coming around to the idea it was in my blood to do this. Either that, or like my Dad says, "You might as well get paid to talk since you never shut up!" That is a true story because my Dad often paid me $20 not to talk for 20 minutes. I should have kept that up - It was good money.


My husband and I have 5 children between us, 3 are grown and 2 are still at home, yet our house still is very loud. With the kids already making messes on the carpet, we thought it would be fun to add pets to the mix: Our cat Star and our adopted greyhound Jolee.


I happen to be married to MacGyver. He can catch a mean Walleye, takes the kids to school, makes the BEST chicken marsala, blows up stuff in the backyard in July, fixes the car, remodels the house, scrubs the tub, helps the kids with homework, builds furniture, and designs and then makes many of my clothes! Yeah, he's a keeper.


Before coming to San Diego, I worked in radio in Madison, Wisconsin since 1992, with two years spent in Tucson AZ. I love rooting for the UW and the Packers. Especially because we have brats and lots of beer for the games. That's comforting when you have to wear your "fat pants"! Plus we have brats...Did I mention that I love brats?


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