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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of November 11, 2013


Friday, November 15

During John & Tammy's Food Fund in Lakeside, Kim GRADUATES and wins $100 of Tammy's money!


Thursday, November 14

How will Holly and Sheldon fare in these halls of pop-culture academics?

1) Actor/Rapper Mark and Actor/Singer Donnie have a burger joint in their hometown of Boston. What’s their last name? (Wahlberg-Wahl-burgers)

2) Rueben Studdard was kicked off the Biggest Loser…than allowed to come back after trainer Jillian Michaels broke the rules. What other reality show did Ruben Studdard win?

3) There’s a legal dispute going on over a painting that Andy Warhol did of Farrah Fawcett. What 70’s all girl cop show was Farrah on?

4) In the movie Borat, what bombshell actress did Borat attempt to kidnap at the end of the film?

5) ABC is developing a new sitcom, which could be a male version of “The Golden Girls”…name 2 of the 4 Golden Girl’s.

Wednesday, November 13

Today we have Amy and Peter facing off.

1) McDonalds’ famous Rib Sandwich is back for a limited time! What’s it called?

2) Actress Elizabeth Berkley eliminated on Dancing with the Stars, she is best known as Jessie Spano from this hit 90s TV Show.

3) Zac Efron broke his jaw and had it wired shut..Zac became famous for the “High School Musical” tv movies on what network?

4) Ben Afleck's bat suit is ready and according to some movie makers, it is a masterpiece. Which actor most recently played Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy?

5) Actress and The View host Whoopi Goldberg is 58 today. Whoopi won an a surprise Oscar for her role in what 1990 supernatural love story?

Tuesday, November 12

John is grading on a curve for Rebecca and Cheryl.

1) I use frozen peas to ice my back. What cartoon character ate spinach to get strong?

2) One of the many veterans that celebrated Veterans Day yesterday was this comic/actor who loves Jello Pudding and played Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable on a legendary 80’s sitcom. Name him.

3) George Clooney in this Month’s Esquire Magazine says that Leonardo DiCaprio is NOT a good basketball player. What was Leo’s first name in “Titanic?”

4) The Olympic figure skater who is more famous for hiring thugs to injure fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan, turns 43 today. Name her.

5) Hunky Ryan Gosling is having a birthday today. He starred in the movie The Notebook, which was written by the same author that also wrote the chick flicks “The Last Song”and “Safe Haven” …name this author.

Monday, November 11

Today finds John proctoring for a couple of Nathans.

1) Yes or No…Ozzy’s son Jack is still on DWTS?

2) Thor easily topped the box office over the weekend. The movie featured Thor and evil brother Loki…but didn’t feature Thor’s friends…The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow…who together are also known as what?

3) The creator of Star Wars announced that the latest movie, directed by JJ Abrahms, will be released in 2015. Who is the CREATOR of Star Wars?

4) In the movie “A Few Good Men,” A Marine Colonel played by Jack Nicholson, yells that Tom Cruise’s character “CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!!"...what branch of the military was Tom Cruise’s character in?

5) At 27 years of age, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen say they have no plans on returning to acting. What was their character’s name on “Full House”?

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