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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of October 28, 2013


Friday, November 1

Carissa takes on Mr. Osborne, live at the La Mesa Cafe.

1) Jana Kramer, who was engaged to Brantley Gilbert and just played CountryFest, was hanging out backstage with actor Scott Eastwood……His dad is also and a legendary actor and director…What is his dads first name?

2) Tom Brady and his wife own a massive property in Southern California and now just spent $14 million on a condo in Manhattan…Who is his supermodel wife?

3) New Holiday CDs are out in stores, including one from Duck Dynasty! Luke Bryan helped out on a song called Hairy Christmas! What is the Duck Dynasty family name?

4) The Jonas Brothers have admitted that they have broken up…they want to do their own things…The Jonas Brothers are Nick, Joe and ____________

5) A new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills starts next week. What channel has the Real Housewives franchise?

Thursday, October 31

Ed. Patty. Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) The list of the most popular Halloween costumes is out and the most popular one features a pointy hat and a broom. What costume is it?

2) Some people are great at creative costumes! One guy dressed up as the end credits to this show, featuring a bar where “everybody know your name”..What show is that?

3) The top 10 candies for Halloween include Snickers, Twix, Reese's peaunut butter cups and this candy who’s slogan is ”Melts in your mouth not in your hands”…what candy is this?

4) Derek Hough’s sister recently had to apologise for an inappropriate costume she wore to a party in Hollywood. Who is Derek's dancing and country singing sister?

5) The most searched costumes include Breaking Bad, Duck Dynasty and the little yellow pill shaped guys from the movie Despicable Me…what are those little guys called?

Wednesday, October 30

It's Matt versus Robert in Tammy College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) Many celebrities got their start in horror movies! Mischa Barton, who was just on People magazine got her start in this movie where a little boy could see dead people.

2) Monsters University just came out on DVD featuring Mike Wozowski and Sully meeting for the first time in college. Who voiced the charater Sully?

3) Garth Brooks will be taping his last show at the Wynn Theater in Vegas for a tv special, and rumor has it preparing for a tour next year when his last daughter graduates. How many girls does he have?

4) Mike Tyson has a new autobiography and says once Brad Pitt asked not to beat him up after dating Mike’s ex-wife! What was her name?

5) Modern Family has one of the highest ratings for commercial time! One of the families is run by mom Claire and her husband Phil. What is their last name?

Tuesday, October 29

Today we meet Jerry and Beth.

Monday, October 28

Lacey and Amanda have a knock-down,, test. Wait - tests aren't really "knock-down, drag-out." Soooo... maybe they have a really civil test?

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