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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of October 21, 2013


Friday, October 25

Natalie and David both try to graduate.

Thursday, October 24

Donna and JC have sharpened their number two pencils and are ready to go.

1) Paris Hilton has recorded another song. Yay. What company did her grandfather build into an empire?

2) Adam Levine, one of the coaches on The Voice has just designed a line of clothing for this company, famous for its layaway program and this GIANT capitol letter that starts the name. What store am I talking about?

3) Due to technical glitches, no one was booted from Dancing With the Stars this week. Who is the host of the show?

4) Baby Prince George was christened yesterday, in a replica of the original custom made gown from 1841. What number in line is he to the British throne?

5) Casey Kasem isn’t doing very well heathwise. What was the long running radio show he hosted?


Wednesday, October 23

Robert and Chase get ready to rumble.

1) Carrie Underwood revealed on twitter that she set off the fire alarm when trying to make dinner for her husband! He wears number the number 12 jersey for what team?

2) Ryan Reynolds on a flight from NY to New Orleans had another passenger get sick on him….He had to fly shirtless with his wife Blake Lively for the rest of the flight…Who was his first wife?

3) Richard Simmons recently hung out with swimmer Diana Nyad who recently swam from Cuba…What is the name of Richards very popular workout videos?

4) Venus Williams recently sold her luxury home in Jupiter FL for $10…she sold it to her mom! True or False……Venus is currently ranked No. 1 in women's singles tennis.

5) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just got engaged…..When Kanye famously interrupted Taylor Swift at an awards show, what artist did he think should have had the award that Taylor won?


Tuesday, October 22

Tammy proctors for Morgan and Jenna.

1) Actor Edward Norton will be hosting Saturday Night live this weekend…which of the following sketches did NOT get made into a movie: The Coneheads, Waynes World, or Bill Swerski’s Superfans?

2) Oprah Winfrey is auctioning off some personal items including a marble bathtub, an electric bike and a poster print from her Oscar winning movie…What movie did she win best supporting actress?

3) Antonio Banderas is currently filming a sequel to this movie starring a talking sea sponge and his starfish friend. What is that movie?

4) The CW network has picked up Americas Next Top model for its 21st season. Who is the host?

5) Kelly Clarkson married her fiancé Brandon Blackstock ! ….Who is Brandon's famous step mother?

Monday, October 21

Jen and Sandy go head to head.

1) Ellen Degeneres gave a waitress 10,000 after learning she had paid for two National Guard soldiers' lunch during her afternoon shift. Before she was a TV talk show host, what was her profession?

2) Some people complained about Melissa McCarthy being covered up in a bulky coat on the newest cover of Elle magazine. What was the name of her megahit movie that also starred Kristen Wiig?

3) Actor Dax Sheppard got married. His girlfriend played the character of Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall - what is her real name?

4) Carol Burnett just won the Mark Twain prize for humor. What was the name of her variety show?

5) A violin from the Titanic sold at auction for 1.7 million dollars. What was the name of the necklace made famous in the movie Titanic?

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