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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of October 14, 2013


Friday, October 18

Crystal and Nicole are the next to compete on Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) Wicked was the highest grossing Broadway show so far this year…What story is Wicked based on?

2) Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid actor in television….Who was Ashton married to? He is still going through the divorce.

3) Cher has been mentoring singers with Blake Shelton on The Voice….What television show did she star with her husband back in the 70’s?

4) The Price is Right recently gave away it’s biggest prize in its history! A California woman won over $140,000 in cash and prizes.. …How many hosts have there been in the history of The Price Is Right?

5) According to experts, moms pick their favorite child by whichever one has a personality most like theirs…What successful TV show was based on Mom Maries’s favorite son…and his long suffering brother Robert ?


Thursday, October 17

Meet Tiffany and Toni, both trying to graduate from Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) Zac Efron has quietly left rehab…no one really seemed to know he had a problem. What Disney movie series got Zac his start?

2) Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of the role of Christian Grey in the movie 50 shades of grey….Who is the main female character in the book?

3) The cost of a 30 second commercial is over $325,000 on the Big Bang Theory. On the show, how many times does Sheldon have to knock on Pennys door?

4) The classic 80’s movie “Weird Science” was re-released on dvd. What did the two main characters in the movie make in one of the boys bedrooms?

5) It’s pumpkin season….that time to visit the pumpkin patch and make jack o lanterns! True or False……. A pumpkin is actually a vegetable.

Wednesday, October 16

Cindy and guest student Scotty McCreery vie to pass the test.

1) Name the newest judge on American idol.

2) Keith Urban is also a judge on American Ido. Where was Keith born?

3) Jennifer Lopez, was a judge for Scotty Mccreary on American idol. One of her first high profile jobs was as a Fly Girl on the 90s tv show...

4) Scotty McCreery audtioned in Milwaukee for American Idol. What leather-jacket-wearing tv character has a bronze statue in Milwaukee?

5) One of Scotty Mccreary's idols (and our KSON Countryfest headliner), Josh Turner is coming to town. What was his 1st big hit?

Tuesday, October 15

It's Amy versus Daniel!

1) Memorabilia for this show, featuring a high school chemistry teacher, raked in close to one million dollars at auction. What show on A&E am I talking about?

2) A man in Pennsylvania recently called the cops to report his Jello had been stolen from the refrigerator at work. Who was the famous spokesperson for Jello?

3) Characters from Duck Dynasty is one of the hot costumes for Halloween. Name one of the family members of Duck Dynasty.

4) Hawaii 5-O is letting fans create the plot of an upcoming episode. In the original series what was McGarret's famous catch phrase?

5) Sales of the “man purse” have doubled in the last year. What did the character Alan from the Hangover movies call his “man purse”?

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