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Write A Tune Tuesday: Honey Glazed


Jose Perez from the band A Nail In A Sure Place put together a new song using YOUR lyrics that Darius Rucker kicked off:


Your butt makes your butt look fat

But I know you'd like to tap that

Tap that like a keg of beer, saying polietly I'm Sorry Dear

Wham Bam thank you Mam

Hands off boy, I'm cooking your ham

You wouldn't have this problem if you exercised as much as you did your mouth

We've been listening to your song, listening to Tammy and John

That's right , a change, since you've been gone


Here is the final song - click to listen:



Check out more from A Nail In A Sure Place HERE


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  1. Jan LousieL posted on 10/15/2013 11:23 AM
    There is not link to listen to the Write A Tune Tuesday song, please advise when it has been uploaded. Thanks KSON, keep up the great work, miss you John recover quickly.
    1. John_and_Tammy posted on 10/15/2013 01:50 PM
      @Jan LousieL Just tried it on the computer and it does work - however, if you are trying to listen from a phone, it may not work that way.
  2. Jan LousieL posted on 10/15/2013 08:22 PM
    I tried from my computer at work, because I listen to KSON all day, the play bar was not showing, was able to get it on my iPad, great song, way to rock it Jose.
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