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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of September 16, 2013


Friday, September 20

Annie gives it a shot.

1)  What fast food restaurant sells the "Fillet O' Fish"?

2) One of the best tv shows ever was Cheers...about a bar set in what eastern city?

3)  What is the French word for the head waiter or a person manages the front of the house in a restaurant?

4)  The main ingredients in this classic sandwich are turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.  What is it?

5)  The restaurant Wendy's was named after the founder's daughter.  Who was the founder of Wendy's?

Thursday, September 19

However her name is spelled - Ashley, Ashlie, Ashleigh, Ashly, Ashlee, or Ashlee - she's being subjected to today's Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) This magazine is famous for its Most Beautiful People Magazine, Sexiest Man Alive and the issue that came out this week, It’s Best Dressed Issue.  What magazine?
2)  Today is Talk Like a Pirate day. Name the Disney ride where you would most likely do the same?
3)  If I said this man was a basketball player who was born in 1901, who became famous working for Converse shoes, you probably wouldn’t know who I was talking about.  If I said his name is associated with the Converse basketball shoe…which is the biggest selling basketball ball show of all time…his name may ring a bell.  What is it?
4)  Jimmy Fallon is having a birthday today.  What huge pop star/actor is a frequent guest on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, often helping with musical numbers?
5)  Pam Anderson is running in the New York Marathon. What country is she from?

Wednesday, September 18

Eddie has sharpened his pencils - but will that be enough?

1) Factor is back, but this pop princess is NOT back this season as a judge.
2)  Singer Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her 3rd baby.  Which band is she the lead singer of?
3)  James Gandolfini would have been 52 today.  He of course was famous for playing Tony Soprano.  How many kids did Tony Soprano have?
4)  Queen Latifah’s talk show debuts this week.  In 2002, Queen Latifah was nominated for an Oscar for a film that starred Catherine Zeta Jones.  What was it?
5)   Disney’s classic Aladdin is headed to Broadway. What is the name of the villain in the film?


Tuesday, September 17

Has Chris been brushing up on pop-cutlure academia? Let's find out.

1)  Dina Lohan was arrest for DUI over the weekend - who is her infamous daughter?
2)  Basketball star Lebron James was married in Del Mar this past weekend - what team does he play for?
3)  One of these actors did NOT go to High School together…who was it…Sean Penn, Rob Lowe, Nic Cage, Charlie Sheen or Robert Downey Jr.
4)  The network that airs The Walking Dead has announced that they are developing a Walking Dead spin-off.  What network is it?
5)  El Cajon’s Jimmy Johnson is having a Birthday today…Jimmie is the only Nascar driver to win how many consecutive championships?

Monday, September 16

Samantha takes the test.

1)  Nicole Kidman was run over by a bike riding paparazzi last week.  Who was Nicole married to before Keith Urban?
2)  The 4th film in the Jurassic Park series will be released in 2015. What legendary filmmaker produces the series?
3)  Nick Jonas is having a birthday…he’s on third of the Jonas Brothers…name another one.
4)  Who is Patricia Krentcil better known as?
5)  Carson Daly has landed a new gig on the Today show. In order to make time for this, Carson is stepping down from hosting his late-night show, What is the name of that show?

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