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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of September 9, 2013


Friday, September 13

Jordan takes the test, live in Chula Vista.

1)  What kind of fruit does Sponge Bob Square Pants live in?

2)  What was Diane's job at Cheers?

3)  On the TV show Alice, Alice, Flo and Vera are waitresses at whose Diner?

4)  Besides eggs...give me 3 of the 4 ingredients in a Denver Omelet.

5)  On the comedy "How I Met Your Mother"...what's the name of the bar/restaurant that the whole gang goes to?

Thursday, September 12

Meet Sammy, who is about to meet his Pop-Culture Academia doom.

1) Clint Eastwood and his wife have seperated.  His wife shares the same first name as Lindsay Lohan's terrible mom.  What's the name?

2) There have been 7 of these movies involving street racing and car heists, and the series has made well  over 2 BILLION dollars. What's the name of this movie series?

3)  Happy Birthday to this former American Idol contestant...who was voted off prematurely in Idol Season 3...but went on to win an Oscar.  Name her.

4)  Saturday Night Live announced the first guests for its new season,  Former cast member Tina Fey will host the premiere. Tina co-anchored Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and also ?

5)  What is the name of the bird who’s “Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs”?

Wednesday, September 11

Will takes the test.


1)  What city does the CMA show take place?

2)  In what year did the CMA's first get televised? 1964, 1966 or 1968?

3)  Carrie Underwood is back as host and as a multiple nominee.  She also won American Idol.  Name another country star that appeared on Idol.

4) John and Tammy have been nominated for 2 CMA's for Broadcasting.  Is that number of nominations high or low?

5)  Entertainer of the Year is the biggest award of the night.  Who won last year?

Tuesday, September 10

Has Kathy been studying?

1)  George Strait announced from Texas yesterday that he is coming to San Diego.  In the famous song "The ______ Rose of Texas"  what color is the rose?

2)  Ryan Seacrest hosts the "Million Second Quiz" on which network?

3)  Hunter Hayes had a birthday yesterday.  What state is Hunter from? A) Louisiana B) Mississippi or C) Georgia

4)  The newest host of The View made her debut yesterday.  Who is she?

5)  54 years ago, back in 1959, the first Barbie doll was sold by Mattel… initially wearing just a black-and-white-striped swimsuit. What is the name of the popular doll who is her younger sister?

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