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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of September 2, 2013


Friday, September 6

Hayley is the second to graduate this week!

1)  Pippa Middleton is having a birthday today!  WHo is her sister?

2)  Harry Connick Jr is the new American Idol Judge.  How many judges has the show had overall?  A)11 B)12 or C)13?

3)  John Cusak had to get the police involved with a crazy fan hanging at his house. What is John's actress sister's name?

4)   Alec Baldwin is getting a talkshow on this liberal-leaning cable newschannel.  What is it?

5)  Duck Dynasty is the biggest show on TV right now.  What is the last name of the Duck Dynasty family?

Thursday, September 5

Christy takes the test.

1)  This shoe company introduced the world to Air Jordan's in 1984.

2)  Football officially starts tonight with Denver taking on Baltimore.  Who's older...Denver's Peyton Manning or the Chargers' Phillip Rivers?

3) Gonna give you 3 reality show titles..2 are is fake.  Name the fake one.  A) Vanilla Ice Goes Amish B) Date my Mom or C) Bakery Wives

4) According to tabloids...there's bad blood between Taylor Swift and this American Idol judge after the two performed together in LA.  Which judge?

5)  The Cast of DWTS was announced yesterday. Host Tom Bergeron has also hosted "Hollywood Squares"  and STILL hosts this show.  What is it?

Wednesday, September 4

Rochelle does the unimaginable! Okay, maybe it can be imagined, but it really doesn't happen very often.

1) Shaun White turned 27 yesterday.  Is his nickname the Flying Asparagus, The Flying Apricot or The Flying Tomato?

2) Micheal Douglas says his marriage is fine, despite being seperated from Catherine Zeta Jones.  What's Micheal's dad's name?

3) This weight loss company who in the past have been endorsed by Valerie Bertinelli and Kirstie Allie, says it's cutting back on celebrity endorsers.

4) Beyonce is having a Birthday today.  True or False...her middle name is Giselle.

5)  If I said that singer Cherilyn Sarkisian had a new cd out, who would I be talking about?

Tuesday, September 3

Has Jeff been studying?

1)  Football starts this week!  The Pro Football Hall of Fame in located in which US state?  A) California B) Ohio or C) Alaska?

2)  Clint Eastwood is seperated from his wife...fill in the blank from this classic Clint Eastwood movie....The Good, The Bad and The ____?

3)  They have cast the leads for the movie version of this steamy novel.  Name it.

4)  Mark Harmon had a birthday over the weekend.  He stars on TV's highest rated drama. Name it.

5)  Boxer Tommy Morrison passed away over the weekend.  He co-starred in which number Rocky movie?

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