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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of August 19, 2013


Friday, August 23

Class, meet Branda.

1) Ashton Kutcher portrays Steve Jobs in the movie Jobs, out in the theaters now,... Steve Job was the co-founder of which company?
2)  Rumors are spreading about a reunion of this popular 90s boy band starring Justin Timberlake  - name it ...
3)  What did Jennifer Aniston do before she was famous…was she a A) Bike Messenger B) Carwash Cashier C) Wendy’s Employee
4)  Surfer Bethany Hamilton, whose arm was bitten off by a tiger shark in 2003 when she was only 13 years old, got married over the weekend. What was the name of the 2011 movie that was based on her story?
5)  54 years ago this week in 1959, Hawaii was let in as a state. What number state is it?


Thursday, August 22

Shawna goes for some higher learning.

1) A New York high school math class found that these extra big Oreo’s don't really live up to their name….concluding that they only have 1.86 as much filling.  What are these Oreos incorrectly called?
2)  David Cassidy was pulled over for DUI yesterday.  Which Partridge kid did he play?
3)  What did Sandra Bullock do before she was famous?  Was she a) Day Care Provider B) Bartender or C) Copywriter?
4)  Corey Feldman from “Stand By Me” and “The Lost Boys” just had his 42nd Birthday. Corey was one half of “The Two Corey’s”  What was the other Corey’s last name?
5)  Happy Birthday Kristen Wiig!  What was her character’s name in “Bridesmaids”?


Wednesday, August 21

The ink from the notes Marie cribbed onto her hands may have run.

1) Whether you know him for his song The Gambler, Lady or She Believed in Me, one of the biggest country singers of all time is having a birthday today.  Who is he?
2)  Jennifer Aniston is getting great reviews for her roll in the movie “We’re the Millers”.  Jennifer of course, became a star playing Rachel Green on “Friends”…she was so huge she even inspired a  hair-do based on her character.  What was it called?
3)  Believe it or not…Tom Selleck, who played Magnum PI is almost 70!  What type of car did Magnum PI drive?
4)  Of the following jobs, what did Tom Cruise do before he was famous? A) Gymnastics coach B) Sold Womens shoes C) Hotel bellhop?
5)  Mark Harmon from NCIS is TV’s highest paid dramatic actor making $525,000 an episode.  What classic 80’s TV drama gave Mark his start?

Tuesday, August 20

Christa takes the test.

1)  Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend has revealed that J-Lo will be returning to American Idol as a judge.  He shares his name with a popular and friendly ghost. What is it?
2)  Joey Chestnut is currently ranked first in the world by the International Federation of Competitive Eating…but just lost a dumpling eating contest last weekend.  On the 4th of July he won his 7th title, for eating 69 of these in 10 minutes.
3)   Of the following jobs, what did Sylvester Stallone do before he as famous? A) Lion Cage Cleaner at the Zoo B) Dog Groomer or c) Nude model?
4)   The Today Show’s Al Roker is having a birthday today.  Who’s older…Roker or The Today Show’s Matt Lauer?
5)   The Butler took the #1 spot at the box office this weekend with $25 million. What former American Idol judge has a role in the movie?

Monday, August 19

Jason proves the value of a well-rounded education.

1) This rock band-famous for their full makeup, are not only going to rock and roll all night and party every day…they are also the newest owners of an arena football team.
2)  Harrison Ford’s new movie Paranoia, bombed at the box office this weekend.  What was Harrison’s character’s name in the Star War movies?
3)  Happy Birthday Matthew Perry…Chandler from Friends.  What was Chandler’s last name?
4)  Of the following jobs…what did Ellen DeGeneres do before she became famous? A) Bartender B) Dog Walker or C) Oyster Shucker
5)  People magazine has a gallery of celebs who modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch before they were famous.  They include Channing Tatum, Olivia Wilde & Jennifer Lawrence. What animal have they used as part of their logo?

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