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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of August 12, 2013


Friday, August 16

Will Robert graduate?

1) The Bears beat the Chargers last night.  What city do the Bears call home?
2) Half of Americans have say their favorite ice cream flavor is this.
3)  The TV show Teen Wolf was up for numerous Teen Choice Awards last weekend.  What network airs Teen WoIlf?
4)  The ex-husband of Courtney Cox was reportedly fired from his latest movie because he drinking again.  Who is he?
5)  Pres. Obama is on vacation. What north east island is he spending his vacation on?

Thursday, August 15

Linda graduates from Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - that's two in one week!

1) ABC has announced that September 25 will be the premiere of the 2nd season of this show named after the capital of Tennessee.  Name it.
2)  Taylor Swift is in town tonight!  Of the following men, who has Taylor NOT been linked to? A) Robert Pattinson B) Jake Gyllenhall or C) Joe Jonas
3)  Happy Birthday Ben Affleck…who won his first Oscar for writing “Good Will Hunting” with Matt Damon.  Who’s older, Affleck of Damon?
4)  A list has just been compiled naming the 16 Most Depressing Kids Movies.  At number 1 is this 1991 movie where Macauley Caulkin’s character has an unfortunate meeting with some hornets.  Name this movie.
5)  Tonight, the San Diego Chargers play my Chicago Bears in a preseason game.  What year did the Chargers last play in the SuperBowl?

Wednesday, August 14

Robin wants to know if this is graded on a curve.

1) Dale Earnhardt’s grandson was busted for OUI this week.  In what sport was Dale known as “The Intimidator?”
2)  We always hear about child stars gone wrong…but one former child star has done just fine….and that’s Hillary Duff.  What Disney Channel TV show introduced us to Hillary?
3)  Magic Johnson and Steve Martin share a birthday today.  Who’s younger?
4)  17-year-old Gabby Douglas said that she can kick butt at snowboarding . What was Gabby’s nickname during the Olympics?
5)  NBC has released a preview of “The Michael J. Fox Show,” the sitcom that’s inspired by Michael’s own battles with Parkinson’s disease. What was his character’s name in the Back to the Future movies?

Tuesday, August 13

Has Liz been studying?

1)  Hugh Jackman is being offered 100 million dollars to keep playing play this Xman for 4 more movies.  Which Xman doe he play?
2)  What’s Donald Duck’s girlfriend’s name?
3)  And for the Autographed Little Big Town Guitar from the CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock:  Q: What does Taylor Swift like to do on her days off?
4) Whitney Houston would’ve turned 50 last week. What highly successful movie did she play the character Rachel Marron?
5)  The premiere for the second half of the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad drew a record audience Sunday night.  What network airs Breaking Bad?

Monday, August 12

Michael does something amazing!

1) Antonio Banderas’ real first name is Jose.
2)  Happy Birthday to the younger brother of Ben Affleck, who is also a actor/filmmaker.  What’s his name?
3)  One Direction opened last night’s Teen Choice Awards...on what TV talent show were they discovered?
4)  When I say the characters Gilbert, Lewis, Poindexter, Wormser, Lamar, The Ogre and Booger, what movie am I talking about?
5) Orlando Bloom is the frontrunner to be the next actor that plays “Batman”  If it’s true, it would be the 4th time Orlando was part of a huge movie series.  One of the other movie series was the “Pirates of the Carribean” movies…name one of the other two.  (Hint: the other two are related)

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