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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of July 29, 2013


Thursday, August 1

I'm going to call this guy Mark, but he might be Marc for all I know. Whoever this guy is, he is taking the test.

Wednesday, July 31

Meet Kelsey as she attempts to pass Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.


1) Mariah Carey is recovering after dislocating her shoulder - what talent show was she a judge on last season?
2)  In the movie Napolean Dynamite, what does Uncle Rico tell Napolean he could throw over a mountain?
3)  Real Housewive of New Jersey, Teresa Guidice, went to court to answer an indictment issued on federal fraud charges with her husband.  What's his first name?
4)  Ryan Gosling is one of the biggest Movie stars in the world.  He got his start with a small part in a football movie.  Was it Rudy, Remember the Titans, or Varsity Blues?
5)  The Smurfs 2 opens today.  Who is the evil Wizard that is the Smurfs nemesis?


Tuesday, July 30

Amanda has sharpened her pencils and brain. Wait, what?

1) Brad Pitt’s fiancée is this year’s highest paid actress according to Forbes magazine.  Who is she?
2)  What TV Cast included the following characters, Danny, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, and Joey and Jesse?
3)  Adam Sandler is starring in Grown Ups 2.  What was the name of the movie remake where he played an imprisoned football quarterback?
4)  The creator of Glee has indicated they will do a tribute to the late Cory Monteith on the upcoming season’s third show…then take a hiatus until they figure out what to do.  What character did Cory play on Glee?
5)  Eddie Murphy has signed on to do a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie…What was his hilarious cop’s name?

Monday, July 29

Will Abby pass the test?

1) Who is the Uncle of the Royal Baby - Prince George?
2)  Alec Baldwin says he will never return to Twitter - what TV show did he recently say goodbye to?
3) The parents of Amanda Bynes have filed for conservator ship of the young actress. What pop star, after shaving her head and attacking a paparazzi with her umbrella, has been under a conservatorship order?
4) Forbes magazine just posted their list of the top college in the US, which school was #1? a. Stanford  b. M.I.T. c. Harvard?
5) The Wolverine is the Number One movie in America.  What’s The Wolverine’s name in the movie?

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