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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of July 22, 2013


Thursday, July 25

How do you think Sam will do?

1) The guy who played “Walker, Texas Ranger” is selling one of his homes.  Who am I talking about?
2)  Congrats to Matt LeBlanc…emmy nominee for his new show, “Episodes” and a birthday boy today.  Which “Friend” did he play?
3)  Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet played Jack and Rose in “Titanic” and are very close friends in real life.  Who’s older, Kate or Leo?
4)  There’s talk that there may be another “Rocky” movie.  If that’s true…how may Rocky movies will have been made?
5)  Keanu Reeves is has a super cool movie coming out this Christmas called “47 Ronin”.  Keanu is most famous for playing Neo in all 3 Matrix movies.  The First 2 were The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded. Name the third.


Wednesday, July 24

Another David taking the test this week? Weird.

1) Woody Harrelson turned 52 yesterday.  He became a star when he replaced Coach on the TV show Cheers.  What was his bartender character’s name on that show?
2)  They’re back together!  Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have called off their divorce!  True or False:  Billy Ray went to college on a Baseball Scholarship.
3)  Piers Morgan used to work at Children’s Newspaper in England.  He of course is now the host of  Piers Morgan Live on CNN.  Who was the longtime host on CNN who had the time slot Piers is on now?
4)  The Crocodile Hunter’s Daughter Bindi is having a Birthday today.  What was the Crocodile Hunter’s name?
5)   Dennis Farina died yesterday at the age of 69 from a blood clot in his lung. On which version of Law & Order did he play Detective Joe Fontana? a) Law & Order     b) Law & Order: SVU     c) Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Tuesday, July 23

Wow, check out Amy as she graduates from Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge!

1) Country Music’s Hillary Scott had her baby yesterday.  She sings in what country group?
2)  American Idol alum Ruben Studdard is going to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser this fall - who was the runner up the season Ruben won Idol?
3)  Lady Gaga earned the top spot on Forbes’ Highest Earning Celebrity Under 30.  Name ANYONE else in the Top 5.
4)  7 months after being banned from cycling, Lance Armstrong will participate in the "Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa" - what is the name of the foundation Lance founded to provide support for people affected by cancer?
5)  Ryan Reynolds had 2 movies open last weekend.  In 1998 Ryan starred in a comedy on ABC, that propelled him to stardom.  What was it?

Monday, July 22

David takes the test.

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