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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of July 15, 2013


Tuesday, July 16

Rihana has been polishing that pop-culture brain of hers - how much does it shine, and what kind of lousy metaphor is that?

1) Will Ferrell is having a birthday today.  In Anchorman, what city does he always tell to “Stay Classy”?
2)  Rolling Stone has named Godzilla as the Best Monster Movie of all time.  Coming in second was the original film about a gigantic gorilla who fell in love and climbed the Empire State Building.  What’s it called?
3)  Oprah has snared the first post-rehab interview with Lindsay Lohan…she’s also giving her a show on her personal network.  What’s the network called?
4)  On this day in 1988 Die Hard hit theaters.  In the movie Cop John McClain stops terrorists from robbing the Nakatomi Plaza in what US City?
5)  Ian Ziering is back…after starring in the SYFY’s latest movie sensation “Sharknado!!”…Ian got started on the original Beverly Hills 90210…what was his character’s full name?

Monday, July 15

Let's see if Angela can pass the test.

1) Sad news from Hollywood as Glee actor Corey Monteith was found dead over the weekend.  What network airs Glee?
2)  Sarah Palin might run for Senate for her home state next year – what state is she from?
3)  This female singer who’s also a judge on The XFactor was dissing Justin Bieber during a taping of the show last week.  Who is she?
4) This former Professional Wrestler, Actor, Talkshow Host and Governor is having a Birthday Today.  Name him.
5)  Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez got married last weekend. How many marriages is this for Halle?

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