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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of July 1, 2013


Friday, July 5

Carlie joins the elite who have walked these hallowed halls of pop-culture academia.

1) Oprah still tops the list for Forbes' most powerful  celebrities. Who's Oprah's boyfriend?
2) One of the most popular summer movies, Grease, star who as Danny Zuko?
3) Paula Deen is no longer on the Food Network. What is chef Emeril on the Food Network known for saying on his show?
4) Kim Kardashian's baby, North, isn't the only unique baby name. What did Gwyneth Paltrow name her eldest child?
5) Liam Neeson returns for Taken 3. Which Star Wars movie did he appear in?

Thursday, July 4

Peter has sharpened his pencil and is ready to take the test.

1) Independence Day star Will Smith is not returning for the sequel. Who's Will Smith married to?
2) Who wrote the Declaration Of Independence?
3) Baseball's America's sport. What are the two snacks in the song Take Me Out To The Ball Game?
4) Last year, which San Diego fireworks accidentally all went off at the same time?
5) Who made the first American flag?

Wednesday, July 3

Is Eric up to the task?

1) Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are among the many artists who have made surprise appearances on the Stones' current tour. Who's the Rolling Stones' lead singer?
2) The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. In which country did the Cup originate in 1893?
3) Marie Osmond is going to be a grandmother. Who's her famous brother?
4) Sharon Osborne is no longer on America's Got Talent. She is still on which daytime talk show?
5) The Amazing Spider-Man sequel is being shot right now. Which actress is coming back to reprise her role as the lead female character Gwen Stacy?

Tuesday, July 2

Darren takes the test.

1) Pamela Andersen celebrated her birthday this week. What was the color of the swimsuit she wore on Baywatch?
2) As we get ready to celebrate the Fourth Of July, what year was the Declaration Of Independence?
3) Halle Barry is expecting another baby. Besides Halle, name another actress who has played Catwoman.
4) There are two new judges this year on America's Got Talent. What network airs that show?
5) The Real Housewives Of Orange County recently celebrated a hundred episodes. Name one of the original Housewives that's still on the show after all these seasons.


Monday, July 1

Let's see if Maria's been brushing up on pop-culture.

1) The director of the sequel to the movie Independence Day says Will Smith will not be in it. What is Independence Day otherwise known as?
2) The Food Network fired Paula Deen last week. What condition did she announce she had last year? (A) Type 2 diabetes (B) Asthma (C) High blood pressure
3) The number one most pirated television show is this HBO fantasy drama that chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among the realm's noble families for control of the Iron Throne. What's it called?
4) Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant. She used to have a show where she could communicate with ghosts. What was the show called?
5) Teen Wolf is a smash on MTV, and is not at all like the movie Teen Wolf that starred Michael J. Fox in 1985. In 1987 a sequel was made, where which star replaced Michael J. Fox?

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