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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of June 24, 2013


Friday, June 28

Mark thought he was just auditing, but we still have to know: pass or fail?

1) Trouble at the Kardashian’s!  Bruce Jenner is living in his own place!  Bruce was at one time, regarded as the best athlete in the world, winning the Gold medal for the decathalon in the 1976 Olympics. What Country Did Bruce represent?
2)  White House Down, opens today, starring Jamie Foxx as the President. True or False.  Jamie Foxx is NOT his real name.
3)  There is going to be an all Plinko episode of this gameshow to celebrate the gameshow to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game.  What game-show features Plinko?
4)  Paula Deen appeared on The Today Show and was interviewed by Matt Lauer about her recent troubles. What year did Matt become co-anchor of The Today Show? 1987, 1990, or 1997?  
5)  Happy Birthday to Kathy Bates, who we were scared to death by in the movie Misery.  What was the name of the psychotic fan she played?

Thursday, June 27

I'll bet Dane does just great.

1) Rumor has it Katie Holmes wants to have a baby with her new boyfriend. Who did she have her first child with?
2)  The actor who played Edward in Twilight in rumored to be the lead in the steamy mega-hit novel 50 Shades of Grey…name him.
3)  Kris Jenner defended Kim Karsdashian naming her daughter North West on the View yesterday.  What year did the View go on the air…1997, 1992 or 2000?
4)  The actor who played Spiderman from 2002 to 2007 is having a birthday today.  Who is he?
5)  Jerry Seinfeld has created a new web-series called “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”…his latest guest was David Letterman.  What color are David Letterman’s eyes?

Wednesday, June 26

He might spell it Jeff, or maybe Geoff, but I hope he knows pop-culture better than I do name-spelling.


1) Fresh off walking across the Grand Canyon, Nik Wallenda wants to walk across the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building.  In what city are these building’s located?
2)  George Michael turned 50 yesterday. What popular 80′s pop duo was he a part of?
3)  Heidi Klum admits that she saved her kids hair and then pasted it on self-portraits the kids made. What TV show is Heidi the newest member of?
4)  The TV show Hannibal is based on the book and movie Silence of the Lambs.  What is Hannibal’s last name?
5)  The Redneck Woman herself is having a birthday today.  What state is Gretchen Wilson from? West Virginia, Illinois or Ohio?

Tuesday, June 25

Has Dave studied enough for this?


1) Miley’s dad, Billy Ray and his soon to be ex-wife Tish are trying to have a friendly divorce, meeting for lunch, hugging and holding hands.  What’s their last name?
2)  This star of the Pirates of The Carribean movies actually travels with his Captain Jack Sparrow costume when he travels, so he can visit Children’s Hospitals.  Who is he?
3)  Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus is in talks to have a role on the hit show Nashville.  What network airs Nashville?
4) Sandra Bullock is back with a new movie called The Heat….it opens this weekend and is expected to compete with Brad Pitt’s World War Z.  Who’s older, Sandra or Brad?
5)  “Be Like Mike” had been named as one of the best TV advertising slogans of all time.  What was the product that used Michael Jordan with this slogan?

Monday, June 24

Dolores sits at her desk to take the test.


1) The funeral for James Gandolfini is this week. What was his character’s first name on The Sopranos?
2) Toby Keith’s Tornado Relief Concert sold out in a little over an hour.  What state is Toby from?
3)  In the movie Monsters Inc and its sequel Monsters University…what is Mike’s LAST name?
4) One of the best Chargers EVER, Ladanian Tomlinson had a birthday yesterday.  Which College did LT go to? San Diego State, Texas Christian University or Alabama?
5) In the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, there was testimony that Michael may have gone 60 days without any real sleep.  How many number one songs did Michael have off his classic album, “Thriller”?

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