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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of June 17, 2013


Friday, June 21

Has Robert been studying?

1) Prince William is having a birthday today.  Who is his brother?
2)  Fans of this singer are officially called “Swifties”…which singer?
3)  Miss Connecticut won this year’s Miss USA pageant, but the buzz centers on the terrible answer to a judge’s question by the contestant from what state?
4)   In the movie, play, and comic strip, what is Little Orphan Annie’s dog’s name?
5)  America’s Got Talent has been on the air for 8 seasons.  Nick Cannon hosts the show now…but the two previous hosts used to be talk-show hosts.  Name either of them.


Thursday, June 20

Good luck, Chad. We're all counting on you.

1)  What state was the Soprano's set in? Hawaii, Rhode Island or New Jersey?
2)  What network aired the Soprano's?
3) How many Emmy's for Best Drama did the Sopranos win..2 4 or 6?
4) Name either of Tony's kids.
5)  Name Tony's Uncle's name.


Wednesday, June 19

Let's see what kind of grade Tina gets.

1)  Anchorman 2 comes out this what city did the first Anchorman take place?

2)  The new Superman movie is #1.  True or False...Kim Kardashian's step-daddy was in talks to play Superman when the part eventually went to Christopher Reeves.

3)  Actress Selma Blair was fired from the TV version of "Anger Management"...who were the two main actors in the movie "Anger Management"?

4)  Sesame Street has introduced its first muppet with a parent in jail, but it will only be featured online. What are the first two words in the lyrics  to the Sesame Street theme song?

5)  Happy Birthday to actress Kathleen Turner...who starred in three huge movies with Michael Douglas in the 80's.  The first was "Romancing the Stone."  Name of the other two.


Tuesday, June 18

Wow, Ron graduates from Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge! Oh, um, spoiler alert.

1) Happy Birthday Paul McCartney…who was in what band with George, John and Ringo?
2)  Jennifer Lopez was doing a radio interview and was interrupted on her cell phone letting her know she had landed a major movie role.  What’s Jennifer Lopez’s nickname?
3) Ebay is auctioning off a date with Betty White for charity.  What’s older...Betty White or instant coffee?
4)  Fabio has been seen in LA, posing for pictures while cradling full grown men in his arms.  Fabio’s been featured on the cover of over 400 romance novels for what publishing company?
5) Family Feud is one of America’s most popular game shows.  How many hosts has it had?


Monday, June 17

Stormy goes to school.

1)  Professional tennis player Venus is having a birthday today…her sister Serena won the French Open last week.  What’s their last name?
2)   Billy Ray Cyrus’ wife, Tish, has filed for divorce. She wants spousal support and full custody of their 13-year-old daughter. They almost split up in 2010, amid rumors that Tish was having an affair with the lead singer of Poison. What is his name?
3)  True or False?  Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman own a Sheep Ranch.
4)  Kirstie Alley is coming back to TV with a new show on TV land.  Kirstie is no stranger to sitcom having starred on Cheers from 1987-93.  What was her character’s name?
5)  Kayne West and Kim Kardashian had their baby over the weekend.  What was the award show, where Kayne famously interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech?

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