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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of June 10, 2013


Friday, June 14

Laurie should probably get an A+

1) Whether a wooden puppet or a real boy, who did Pinocchio call Dad?
2)  Name the actor who plays the Father in the movie Father of the Bride.
3)  One of the most beloved TV fathers Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby show had how many children?
4)  Name one of the 3 main actors from the 80s movie "Three Men and a Baby"
5)  Speaking of that movie…what was its sequel called?

Thursday, June 13

Rebecca's pop-culture brain gets scrutinized when she attends class.

1) Chicago beat Boston in Game one of the Stanley Cup finals last night.  What professional sport plays for the cup?
2)  Seth Rogen is back this weekend with the film “This Is The End.” In his hit film “Knocked Up”, did Katherine Heigl have a boy or a girl?
3)  Astronaut Buzz Aldrin says he hates the taste of this drink that astronauts are SUPPOSED to love – what drink?
4)  Country singer Chris Young had a birthday yesterday. He won a contract with RCA records from what reality television show?
5)  This prequel of sorts to the Wizard of Oz hit Bluray and DVD this week. What’s the full name of it?


Wednesday, June 12

Hiya, Robert. Good luck! You'll need it for Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) Former President Bush’s dad…who of course, is also a former president, is having a birthday today.  What first name do they both share?
2)  What do Kermit The Frog, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and The Swedish Chef all have in common?
3)  Tim Tebow is back in the news…being signed by the Patriots.  Of the following teams…which has Tebow NOT played for…The Broncos, The Steelers or The Jets?
4)  Jennifer Love Hewitt is pregnant. What 90′s hit series first made her a star?
5)  Tonight the network Spike TV is holding its Guy’s Choice Awards.  Spike TV wasn’t always called that.  What was the network originally called.


Tuesday, June 11

Jennifer gives it a shot.

1) The new Superman movie opens this week…which means comic book fans can focus on that instead of that that huge convention that is held in San Diego in July.  What’s that called?
2)  Speaking of Superman, before she was a Desperate Housewife, Teri Hatcher portrayed Lois Lane on what TV show?
3)  Shia Lebeouf is having a birthday movie.  He was the star of the Transformer movies.  How many have there been so far?
4)  The Duck Dynasty Family is releasing their own Christmas Album.  What network airs Duck Dynasty?
5)  Environmental activist Erin Brockovich was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of boating while intoxicated.  Julia Roberts won an Oscar for portraying Erin Brockovich in what year?


Monday, June 10

Alexis is next to test in Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge.

1) Tiger Woods is once again the World’s Highest Paid Athlete.  What company , famous for their footwear, did Tiger have one of the biggest endorsement deals in history with?
2)  Neil Patrick Harris hosted The Tony’s - what doctor character did he play in the early 90s?
3)  Zac Brown is developing a line of food products and will use the profits to fund his camp for specialneeds children. What is the name of the actor who started a food line that started with salad dressing and donates the profits to various charities?
4)  The actor who played Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies had his custom made light sabre cane confiscated by TSA over the weekend.  What kind of creature was Chewbacca?
5)  IAN ZIERING performed with the Chippendales in Vegas over the weekend.  What was his character’s name on the original Beverly Hills 90210?

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