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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of June 3, 2013


Friday, June 7

I have a feeling Julie's going to do okay. Or not. Heck, how am I supposed to know?

1) The George Clooney Batman movie was named one of the worst Superhero sequels of all time.  What is Batman’s Boy Wonder sidekick named?
2)  Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kris Humphries is final.  How many times has Kim been married?
3)  Steven Segal may be past his prime here in America…but in Russia…he’s huge.  Which of the following is NOT the name of a Segal movie?  A) Taste My Fist B) Half Past Dead or C) Today You Die
4)  Legendary Crooner Tom Jones is having a birthday today.  True or False…Tom Jones is his real name.
5)  Tim McGraw is in town tonight.  In what state was Tim born?


Thursday, June 6

Jenny goes to school.

1) This golfer…whos as famous for his mistresses as his golf game is the World’s Highest Paid athlete again.  Name him.
2)  Robert England is having a birthday today. You know him better as Freddie Krueger in what series of Horror movies?
3) What 80′s talent show was the launching pad of talent like Christina Aguilera, Rosie O’Donnell and Usher?
4)  Sean Parker, the founder of Napster was married over the weekend.  Sean also has a piece of Facebook, which we found out in the movie The Social Network.  Who played him in the movie?
5)  Kristen Bell co-hosted the CMT Music Awards last night.  What was the name of tv show that made Kristen a star?

Wednesday, June 5

Is Thera one of those people who tests well?

1) Katie Couric’s new talk show is doing real well. Before she did that she was the anchor for CBS news.  What TV morning news show did she co-host before that?
2)  Angelina Jolie just had a birthday.  What video game character has she played in 2 films?
3)  Playboy has offered  troubled celeb Amanda Bynes her own radio show.  What’s older?  Coca-Cola or Playboy founder Hugh Hefner?
4)  The internet was buzzing over Game of Thrones Sunday night. How many seasons has the show been on the air?
5)  John Travolta recently crashed a wedding and took pictures with the entire wedding party.  What was John’s character’s first name in his breakout film, Saturday Night Fever?

Tuesday, June 4

Annette gives it the ol' college (of Hollywood Knowledge) try.

1) The Writers Guild of America has determined that The Sopranos is the best written show of all time. Second on the list was the NBC sitcom starring Jerry Seinfeld.  Was what that show called? 
2)  Tonight the E Network is featuring a show called “Hollywood Goes Country”…featuring interviews with Blake, Miranda, Taylor and Carrie Underwood. What does E stand for?
3)  Michael Douglas is getting rave reviews for his role as Liberace in an HBO movie.  True or False, Liberace was from Romania.
4)  The original creator of NBC’s Community Dan Harmon is coming back to work on the fifth season of the show. Who is the star of the show who also stars on The Soup?
5)  Jenny McCarthy co-hosts The View today.  What MTV game show gave Jenny her start?

Monday, June 3

Listen as Amanda flexes her pop-culture brain muscles.

1) Penelope Cruz is in talks to co-star in the next movie about a guy who enjoys his martinis “shaken not stirred”…who is this guy?
2)  Will Smith got together with a guy who played the character of Carlton and they reunited on stage what show did Will and the guy called Carlton star in in the 90’s?
3) Jennifer Hudson may have been hired to be a judge on the show in which she was discovered on – what show?
4) A woman won ONE MILLION DOLLARS on The Wheel of Fortune last week. Which game show came first, Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right?

5) The woman who played Edith Bunker on “All In the Family” passed away over the weekend.  “All In the Family” ended in 1979.  What was the name of the spin off that was a continuation of “All in the Family?”

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