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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of May 27, 2013


Thursday, May 30

Another Tonya faces the challenge? That seems odd.

1)  Of the following reality shows…which one is fake? Preachers Daughters, America’s Hottest Mimes or The Real World?
2)  This coach from the Voice took a break this season…probably to pet his cat and celebrate his birthday…which is today.  Who is he?
3)  Last night was Blake Shelton’s benefit for Oklahoma.  Which of the following actors calls OK home? Chuck Norris, George Clooney or Amy Adams?
4)  Season four of Arrested Development hit Netflix over the weekend and all 15 episodes were unleashed at once. What network did the show originally air on?
5)  Giabao Tonthat the eighth grader who represented San Diego County in the Scripps National Spelling Bee was eliminated from the bee yesterday.  What city does Giabao call home?

Wednesday, May 29

Barabara goes to school.

1) Trisha Yearwood has a new cookbook out.  Who got married first…Tricia and Garth or Tim and Faith?
2)  Janet Jackson’s older sister is having a birthday today.  She’s kinda regarded as the crazy Jackson…which when it comes to the Jackson’s is saying a lot.
3)  Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View turns 36 this week. What reality show was she on that lead her to becoming a TV star?
4)  America’s Got Talent will return this summer with Howie Mandel as one of the judges. What prime time game show did Howie Host?
5)  The Hangover Part III features John Goodman as the bad guy. What was his character’s name on Roseanne?

Tuesday, May 28

How will Tonya handle pop-culture academics?

1)  Who was Kelly Rippa’s long time co-host on “Live!” before Michael Strahan?
2)  Dancing With The Stars is over…so it’s time for ANOTHER Dancing TV Show…So You Think You Can Dance airs tonight on which network, Fox, CBS or NBC?
3)  Todd Bridges had a birthday yesterday.  What was his character’s name on Different Strokes?
4)  Conan O’Brien was one of the writers of what successful animated series before becoming a talk show host?
5)  Yesterday we celebrated Memorial Day.  What was Memorial Day called before having its name officially changed in 1967? Was it A. Remembrance Day B. Decoration Day or C. Honor Day?

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