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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of May 20, 2013


Friday, May 24

Does chuck have what it makes to get through college?

1)  Tommy Chong is having a birthday today.  What legendary comedy duo is he one half of?
2)  46 years ago in 1967 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood premiered on PBS. What was Mr. Rogers 1st name?
3)  This star of Baywatch just dropped 2 million cash on a home.  Who is he?
4)  A famous/infamous actor who is constantly in the news will be using his real name, Carlos Estevez for his part in the movie “Machete Kills.”  What name do we know this actor as?
5)   Kellie Pickler won Dancing With The Stars this week.  Who won American Idol the season on which she appeared?

Thursday, May 23

See how Carol's pop-culture brain shines.

1) The 3rd Hangover movie opens this weekend.What’s it called?
2)  Matt Damon called Angelina Jolie the “Undeniably Most Sexy Woman on Planet Earth” Matt played Jason Bourne in how many movies?
3)  This country singer forgot the words to his song “Welcome to the Future” while performing Monday.  Who is he?
4)   What decade does TV’s Mad Men take place in?
5)  Happy Birthday Jewel!!!  Jewel used to live in San Diego and played guitar and was a barista at Java Joe’s in what city?


Wednesday, May 22

Jennifer goes to school.

1)  This Beer For My Horses singer WILL host a benefit concert for his hometown after another Tornado tore through it.  Who is he?
2)  Singer George Michael was injured falling out of a Range Rover.  What smash duo was George a part of in the 80’s?
3)  This supermodel who’s known for her cell phone assaulting temper as much as her looks is 42 years old today.  Who is she?
4)  Congrats DWTS Champion Kellie Pickler!  True or False…Kellie is from New Orleans.
5)  The new Xbox was revealed yesterday.  What company makes the Xbox?

Tuesday, May 21

Jill shows off her pop-culture brain.

1) The star of Anchorman and Talladega Nights has been named the funniest person in America.  Name him.
2)  Tonight’s episode of “Dancing w/ The Stars” will feature a performance from last year’s American Idol runner up Jessica Sanchez.  What Southern CA city does Jessica call home?
3)  If I was to say “I pity the fool that forgets my birthday!” I would be doing an imitation of whom?
4)  Many country stars sending support to Oklahoma, after the state was ravaged by Tornadoes.  Of the following…who is NOT from OK? Kellie Pickler, Reba or Blake Shelton?
5) The Simpsons finished its latest season Sunday night with 2 new episodes. What’s the name of the non-speaking baby daughter on the show?

Monday, May 20

Heidi makes an attempt. How do you think she'll do?

1) Last week, Candice beat Kree as the champion of what singing talent show?
2)  Johnny Depp has had a pre-historic sea-creature named after him.  In what country does the Loch Ness monster  originate?
3)  Sports Illustrated has released its annual list of the highest earning American athletes and Floyd Mayweather tops it with $90 million in projected earnings in 2013. Is he a NBA player, a boxer or a NFL player?
4)  Trace Adkins won Celebrity Apprentice last night. Name anyone he was competing against.
5)  Cher is a year older today.  What movie did Cher win her Oscar for?

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