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Write A Tune Tuesday: House of Beauty Queens


Singer/songwriters Chelsea Steward and Bryan Michael joined us today and composed YOUR lyrics with Write A Tune Tuesday!

(First line provided by Tim McGraw)


I live in a house full of women, so I don't know anything

Living the dream was not supposed to be so limiting

What happened to this house?  I used to be king

I can't get nothin' right man, that's the whole reason why I sing

The only time I get my way is when I go to Burger King

I flushed the toilet and lifted the seat

And try as I can, I still can't see my feet

I can't even get no gizzards and wings

Because I got a house full of beauty queens


"House of Beauty Queens" - listen here:


More on Bryan Michael here:

More on Chelsea Steward here:

Thanks to for filming Write A Tune Tuesday in action today too! 

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