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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of May 13, 2013


Friday, May 17

Wow, Sonia! Great job. This is number 20.

1)  Professional soccer player, underwear model, and Mr. Posh Spice announced he is retiring from soccer at the end of the season.  Who is he?
2)  Speaking of Posh Spice…can you name two more Spice Girl nicknames?
3)  The newest Star Trek hits theaters this week.  Which came first, the debut of 60 Minutes or the debut of the original Star Trek TV show?
4)  The guy that played the dad on Full House is having a birthday today.  What’s his name?
5)  OJ Simpson is back in court, and is currently serving a 33 year prison sentence.  He is most famous for playing football…but also appeared in what series of movies?

Thursday, May 16

Claudia goes to school.

1) CBS has cancelled one of the spin-offs to the show CSI.  What does CSI stand for?
2) Angelina Jolie has revealed that she had both breasts removed after her doctor told her she had a high risk of breast cancer. Who is her father, who is also an actor?
3) David Boreanaz from the TV show Bones is having a birthday today.  David became famous playing Angel…a spin-off from what TV show?
4) The final episode about the employees of Dunder Mifflin comes to an end today.  What show is it?
5) 15 years ago this week…Seinfeld came to an end.  Kramer was of course, one of the show’s 4 main characters.  What was Kramer’s FIRST name?

Wednesday, May 15

Meet Amber. She's been studying. Will it help?

1) George Lucas is one year older this week.  "May the Force Be with You" is a term from his movie series creation that goes by what general name?

2) It was a Micheal J Fox movie in the 80's...and a MTV series that returns June 3rd.  Name it.

3) Miranda Cosgrove turns 19 today.  What the name of the awesome Nickelodeon show, recently ended?

4) The book Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume is being made into a movie.  Name ANY Judy Blume book.

5) The prequel to Monsters, Inc. comes out this summer.  What was the name of the evil chameleon in the first Monsters Inc?

Tuesday, May 14

Bryce busts out the pop-culture academia.

1) Cee-Lo and Christina Aguilera are reportedly in talks to return to WHAT singing show?
2) FOX is bringing back the popular TV show 24 for a limited run. Who was the star of that show?
3) Jay Leno will leave the Tonight show the week the 2014 Winter Olympics begin. What main network airs the Olympics?
4) Dierks Bentley is following Toby Keith’s lead and opening his own restaurant in his hometown state. What is it?
5) Reba’s latest sitcom has been cancelled by ABC. What was it called?

Monday, May 13

Carla gets quizzed.

1) Twilight’s Robert Pattinson is having a birthday today. Does he play Edward or Jacob in Twilight?
2) Barbara Walters announced her retirement yesterday. What’s older…Barbara or TV dinner?
3) They are making a cartoon based on this ex-boxer who has a face tattoo and has appeared in both Hangover movies. Who is he?
4) The Great Gatsby is the 2nd biggest movie in America after Iron Man. It’s based on a novel by what author?
5) Randy Jackson announced that he will not be back on American Idol next season. How many seasons was he on the show?

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