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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of April 15, 2013


Friday, April 19

John valiantly goes forth into the wilderness and destroys several zombies.
No, wait, sorry. He takes the College of Hollywood Knowledge quiz.

Thursday, April 18

Stephanie is put to the test.

1) Happy Birthday Melissa Joan Hart…who became famous playing Sabrina the Teenage _____ on tv.
2) The Stagecoach Music Festival happens next weekend. What famous California resort town does the festival take place near?
3) True or False…The Boston Marathon is the oldest in the world.
4) Kristen Stewart is confirmed for the sequel to Snow White in 2015. Name four of the seven dwarfs…
5) AMC announced that Breaking Bad will return for its final season August 11 th. The star of the show, Bryan Cranston, got his start on what Fox sitcom in 2000 – 2006?


Wedneday, April 17

Emily gives it the ol' college (of Hollywood Knowledge) try.

1) The trailer “Man of Steel” is out and is the newest movie about this Superhero who stands is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Who is this Superhero?
2) Adam Scott won the Masters on Sunday. What was the color of the jacket he received?
3) This hunky star of the Hangover and Silver Linings Playbook has admitted he lives with his mom. Who is he?
4) Happy Birthday Jennifer Garner! How many kids do she and Ben Affleck have together?
5) Faith Hill has announced she will NOT be back to sing the Sunday Night Football Theme…she sang it since 2007. Who sang it before her?

Monday, April 15

Chris goes to school.

1) The Masters crowned its new Champion yesterday…Australia’s Adam Scott won. What sport is played at The Masters?
2) Tom Arnold recently had a baby boy. He was famously married to this comedian and sitcom actress – who?
3) The theme song to Gilligan’s Island was named TV’s Best of All Time…how many people were stranded on Gilligan’s Island?
4) There will be a sequel to The Smurf’s Movie…who is the leader of The Smurfs?
5) Shannen Doherty turned 42 last week. What was her character’s first name on Beverly Hills 90210?

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