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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of April 8, 2013


Friday, April 12

Pat sharpens his pencils.

1) What SNL skit that later became a smash movie starred Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey that featured two guys doing a public access cable show from a basement and coined the phrase “Excellent” and “Scwhing!”?
2) The latest Scary Movie sequel is out today. How many Scary Movies movies have there been? 3, 5 or 6?
3) Tiger Woods girlfriend Lindsey Vonn was on hand to cheer for him at the Masters yesterday. What Olympic sport does Lindsey Vonn participate in?
4) Happy Birthday David Letterman! David hosts The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS. What was the name of the show when it was on NBC?
5) The premium cable show Spartacus comes to an end tonight on what network?

Thursday, April 11

Let's poke around at Chelsea's pop-culture brain.

1) The host of American Idol is the latest victim of swatting…which is an attempt to trick any emergency service into dispatching any emergency response based on a false reporting of an incident. Who hosts Idol?
2) The legendary singer of songs like The Gambler, Lady and She Believes in Me is FINALLY in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Who is he?
3) Paul McCartney is launching his new world tour this summer. Who were the other 3 members of the Beatles?
4) Sylvester Stallone has reportedly asked Wesley Snipes a part in the 3rd installment of the movie series that pairs up all the legendary action movie stars…like Willis, Schwarzenegger, Jet Li and more. What’s this movie series called?
5) Gwenyth Paltrow tops the list as “The Most Hated Celebrity in Hollywood”…she has two children with Singer Chris Martin. Her daughter is famously named, Apple. What is her son’s name?


Wednesday, April 10

Caroline goes to school.

1) If I was to say that today Captain was born, what actor would I be talking about?
2) Some people on Twitter thought that Cher had died, because of a hashtag that was started in regards to Margaret Thatcher’s death. The hashtag was #nowthatchersdead. What country was Margaret Thatcher Prime Minister of?
3) Kid Rock is making ALL the tickets to his summer concert tour just $20 and he’s working with the promoter to lower prices on beer and parking. To do this, he’s taking less money. What baywatch beauty is he divorced from?
4) Haley Joel Osment…the kid from The Sixth Sense…is 25 today. How old was he when he was nominated for an Oscar for that movie, 8, 11 or 13?
5) In a recent poll, Patrick Swaze and Jennifer Grey’s couple from Dirty Dancing were named “Best Movie Couple”…We all know Jennifer played Baby…what was Patrick Swaze’s character’s name?

Tuesday, April 9

Let's see how Robert does.

1) Annette Funicello, the most beloved original Mickey Mouse Club mouseketeer passed away yesterday. Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend?
2) Speaking of Minnie Mouse…True or False? Her original name was Minerva mouse.
3) Madonna’s 16 year old daughter is reportedly dating a costar on the excellent TV Show “Homeland”. What’s her daughter’s name?
4) Of the following Daytime television hosts, who gets the most viewers? Judge Judy, Dr. Phil or Ellen?
5) Eddie Murphy turned 52last week. In the movie Coming To America, he and Arsenio Hall worked at a fast food restaurant. What was the name of the restaurant?

Monday, April 8

Everybody please remain silent as Patty focuses.

1) In what state were last night’s ACM awards held?
2) Luke Bryan was the surprise winner of the Entertainer of the Year ACM winner last night. Who’s Younger, Luke Byan, Jason Aldean or Carrie Underwood?
3) John Schneider is having a birthday today. He became famous playing which Duke boy on “Dukes of Hazzard?
4) One of the stars of the movie White Men Can’t Jump was released from federal prison last week...who is he?
5) The Hallmark Channel plans to launch a “Kitten Bowl” to compete against the “Puppy Bowl” that which Network airs during the Superbowl Halftime show?

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