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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of April 1, 2013


Friday, April 5th

How well will Heather do?

1) Jimmy Fallon is taking over the Tonight Show.  Who is he replacing?
2) True or false...The Olsen Twins are identical.

3) Anchorman 2...said it was bizarre working with the films stars...What's his name...Will Ferrell..and the "applesauce girl"...what actress is he referring to?
4) The highest grossing movie of all time is only the 2nd most liked Facebook movie page.  What is this movie?
5)  Legendary film critic Roger Ebert died yesterday.  He won a Pulizter Prize for his newspaper work in what city?

Thursday, April 2nd

1) Heidi Klum saved her son and nannies from drowning this week in Hawaii...what job did Heidi become world famous doing?

2)  What's older? Color TV or Jack Nicholson?
3) Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr.  Besides the Ironman another Robert Downey movie. 
4)  The guy that does commercials for Sham-Wow, also does the commercials for what food prep device?
5)  In honor of March Madness wrapping up this of the best basketball movies was Hoosiers starring Gene Hackman.  It told the story of a small highschool basketball team winning the state championship.  In what state?


Wednesday, April 3rd

Tee-na!  Tee-na! Tee-na!  Tee-na!

1) Brad Pitt’s fiancé is opening an all girls school in Afhganistan…who is she?
2) The Sequel to “Finding Nemo” will be called “Finding Dory”, with the person that voiced Dory back in that role. Who was that?
3) The oldest daughter of Michael Jackson is having a birthday today. Name ANY of Michael’s kids.

4) Last time I checked Khloe Kardashian is still married to Lamar Odom. What NBA team does he play for?
5) If I was to say the legend that was Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now and Vito Corleone in The Godfather was born today, who would I be talking about?

Tuesday, April 2nd

Amy goes to school.

1)  What does the "E" stand for on the "E" network?
2) GI Joe Retaliation is America's #1 movie...which kids doll is older?  GI Joe, Stretch Armstrong or Barbie?
3) There's talk that Barbara Walters may be retiring from what major television network?
4)  Baseball's opening day was yesterday.  Who won the World Series last year?
5) The legendary actor Sir Alec Guiness would have been 99 years old.  What legendary Jedi knight did he play in Star Wars?

Monday, April 1st

Jeff is totally not up to anything.

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