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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of March 25, 2013


Thursday, March 28th

How do you think Jennifer will fare?

1) CBS has decided to NOT renew this sit com starring Jon Cryer. That’s ok…it’s been no good since Charlie Sheen was fired.
2) This action figure for boys with the kung-fu grip is back in theatres this weekend with another movie. What is this action figure?
3) Wynonna Judd is on DWTS...meanwhile her baby sister has decided NOT to run for the US Senate. Who’s Wynonna’s sister?
4) Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta is having a birthday today. Who does the world know her as?
5) Next year, the TV show CSI will start it’s 14th season…the show is so successful that it’s spawned 2 spinoffs. Name them.

Wednesday, March 27th

Elizabeth shows off her pop-culture academia.

1) The New York Post is reporting that this “Material Girl” singer with one name may be worth a billion dollars now. Who is she?
2) I don’t know how…but the latest Celebrity diving show is pretty well in the ratings…with 9 million people watching it. What’s it called?
3) Fergie from the Black Eyes Peas is going to have a baby soon…and is having a birthday today. Is her real first name A) Holly B) Carrie or C) Stacy?
4) What state is Luke Bryan from? Kentucky, Georgia or Alabama?
5) Fergie’s hubby Josh Duhamel hosted the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Saturday night. What daytime soap opera, based out of the fictitious Pine Valley, did he first gain success on?

Tuesday, March 26th

Good luck, Carrie. We're all counting on you.

1) It’s a mini reunion tonight on Matthew Perry’s show “Go On” as Courtney Cox guest stars. What classic sitcom did these two star on, where Cox played Monica and Perry, Chandler?
2) Stagecoach in Indio happens in a little over a month. Lindsey Lohan has reportedly asked her lawyer to keep her out of rehab until after this OTHER music and arts festival also held in Indio.
3) Happy Birthday Kenny Chesney! Is his middle name A) Albert B) Alfred or C) Arnold?
4) Leonard Nimoy who played Mr Spock on Star Trek and William Shatner, Kirk, are the same age at 82. Complete this Spock catchphrase… “Live Long and _____.”
5) Of the following who is NOT a member of the Grand Ole Opry? A) George Strait B) Trace Adkins or C) Rascal Flatts?

Monday, March 25th

Meet Collin - how do you think he'll fare?

1) Saturday’s Kids Choice Award included naming this star of the Pirates Of The Carribean movies “favorite movie actor.”
2) Jay Leno is feuding with the Network that airs the Tonight Show, which of course, he’s the host of…for now. Which network airs The Tonight Show?
3) Sarah Jessica Parker is having a birthday today. What was her character’s full name in Sex and the City?
4) Tonight The Voice returns to television…with two new mentors, because Christina Aguliera and Cee-Lo Green are taking a break. Name one of the new mentors.
5) One of country music’s biggest male stars’ middle name is “Tollison”…who is he?

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