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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of March 11th


Friday, March 15th

Meet Marie. She'll be attempting to get all pop-culture-scholarly.

1) What’s the name of the green shake McDonalds offers this time of year?
2) Patrick Dempsey played which character on Grey's Anatomy?
3) Which character had a crush of Charlie Brown in “The Peanuts?”
4) Sean Connery, Daniel Day Lewis or Liam Neeson. Who is NOT Irish?
5) What is the mascot's name for the cereal Lucky Charms?

Thursday, March 14th

Lauren blows the dust off her calculator, then realizes that it isn't an algebra test.

1) The Justin Timberlake hosted SNL was the show’s highest rated in years. In what city do they film SNL?
2) True or False? Nicolas Cage was offered the role of Shrek.
3) Today is Billy Crystal’s Birthday. How many times has he hosted the Oscars- 5, 9 or 12?
4) The season premiere of “Army Wives” was this week. What network airs “Army Wives”?
5) Steven Segal now wants to be like Dennis Rodman and has already met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Name a Steven Segal movie.


Wednesday, March 13th

Ashley is not even sure if this is a real school.

1) The College of Cardinals are meeting right now in Vatican City to elect a new pope. What country is Vatican City in?
2) Comedian Gilbert Gottfried will be on Celebrity Wife Swap this week. Until last year, he was the voice of what iconic commercial character?
3) Elizabeth Hasslebeck may or may not be leaving the View. Which reality TV show did Elisabeth Hasselbeck get her TV start on?
4) Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are filming their 3rd romantic comedy together. Name either of the first two.
5) The Bachelor wrapped up this week…just in time for the Bachelor to join Dancing With The Stars. What’s the Bachelor’s first name?

Tuesday, March 12th

Garett begins to wonder about this school's accreditation.

1) The TV show Dallas changed its opening sequence last night to honor the late Larry Hagman who played JR. What state does the show Dallas take place?
2) There’s talk that Elizabeth Hasselbeck will join Joy Behar and LEAVE The View. Name another host besides these two.
3) The Oscar nominated movie about a kid from India who’s shipwrecked and stuck on a life boat with a Tiger is out on DVD today. Name it.
4) The late Crocodile Hunter’s daughter is now 14. What’s her first name?
5) Jennifer Aniston’s peeps are denying that she’s getting married this week in Hawaii, Is Jennifer's middle name: A) Joanna B) Elizabeth C) Anne

Monday, March 11th

Let's see how well Jessica does.

1) Carrie Underwood is now 30! What TV show thrust her into stardom?
2) Tonight is the 17th season finale of The Bachelor. At the end of the shows, there is a ceremony where the bachelor gives what to the women that he wants to keep on the show?
3) Johnny Knoxville is having a birthday this year. What MTV stunt show did he star in and create?
4) Who made more money last year? Blake Shelton, Alec Baldwin or The Olsen Twins?
5) There’s talk that Brooke Shields may take over Elizabeth Hasslebeck’s spot on The View. In 1996 Brooke had her own show on NBC…name it.

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