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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of March 4th


Friday, March 8th

Of course Vanessa has been studying, but is that enough?

1) Miley Cyrus was seen without her engagement ring last night. Who is her father?
2) Tina Fey has apologized for offending Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes last month. What Live show was Tina the head writer for as well as a news host?
3) Joy Behar has announced she’s leaving the View…she’s been on since the start of the show, which was a) 12 b)14 or c)16 years ago
4) Hines Ward is a retired footballer and an ex champ of Dancing W/ The Stars…he’s also a year older today. What Football team did he play his entire career for?
5) Demi wants spousal support from her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher. What was Ashton’s character’s name on “That 70’s Show”?


Thursday, March 7th

Mark brought his pencil, give him somethin' to write on!

1) Keith Urban will be in San Diego in September. True or False? Keith’s real name is Karl Lionel Vandenburg.
2) Tonight Glee features it’s 500th performance. What Network airs Glee?
3) “Oz The Great and Powerful” opens tomorrow…it’s a prequel to The Wizard of Oz. What was Dorthy’s dog’s name in The Wizard of Oz?
4) What state was Forrest Gump from in the Movie Forrest Gump?
5) Russell Crowe claims to have filmed some type of Unidentified Flying Object outside his office in Sydney. What movie did Russell win his best Actor Oscar for?

Wednesday, March 6th

Is Rob one of those folks who's really good at taking tests?

1) Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf are bickering over Shia quitting a play they were both in. What sci-fi movie franchise/kids toy was Shia the star of?
2) John Stewart is taking a 12 week leave of absence from his political satire show to direct a movie. What show is he temporarily leaving?
3) Carrie Fisher says she WILL be in the 7th Star Wars movie to reprise as whom?
4) Actor Edward Furlong, from one of the Terminator movies has been sentenced to six months in jail-damaging a once promising career. What # Terminator movie was he the star of?
5) Rob Reiner is having a birthday today. Name ONE movie he directed.

Tuesday, March 5th

Hey Noni, whatcha got?

1) The History Channel’s Miniseries based on this book of teachings, that contains the Old and The New Testament had HUGE ratings Sunday. What Book is this miniseries about?
2) The man who played Han Solo and Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan has signed on to play a Newscaster in Anchorman 2. Name him.
3) Halle Berry is returning to reprise her role in the new X-Men movie. Which X-Man does she play?
4) Mrs. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel celebrates her 31st birthday this month. What TV series made her a star?
5) One of the “stars” of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump is on Dancing W/ The Stars. Where did the FIRST Real Housewives show take place?

Monday, March 4th

Julie flexes her pop-culture brain muscles.

1) Patricia Heaton is having a birthday today. She of course played Ray Romano’s wife on the show Everybody Loves __________.
2) Donald Trump is back with All Star Celebrity Apprentice. According to Trump how much is he worth? A) 7 B b) 3B C) 5 B
3) Chas Bono is slimming down having lost 50 pounds…who are his parents?
4) Dennis Rodman is making news for going to a basketball game with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un…saying he’s an “awesome guy”…name one Basketball team Rodman played for.
5) Talks of Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno on the Tonight Show are heating up. Who was the original host of the Tonight Show?

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