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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of February 25


Friday, March 1

Lindsay is put to the test.

1) This girls organization made Honey Boo Boo stop selling their cookies on Facebook…because selling cookies online is against the rules. What’s the organization?

2) Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new girlfriend, squelching rumors that he and his ex are trying to get back together. Who is his ex?

3) Ron Howard is having a birthday today…name a movie he directed.

4) Simon Cowell is trying to get Katy Perry and John Mayer on the XFactor to replace Britney Spears and the other judge who’s leaving. What’s his name?

5) Chelsea Clinton turned 33 recently. What number President was her Father?

Thursday, February 28th

This is Shay. Can. She. Go. All. The. Way?

1) Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are currently headlining their own show in what western city?

2) True or False: Cookie Monster’s REAL name is Sid.

3) The movie “Jack The Giant Slayer” opens this weekend. It’s based on what fairy tale?

4) The new villians in this upcoming Superhero movie will be The Rhino and Electro. Which Superhero will they be battling?

5) House’s Robert Sean Leonard is having a birthday today…He started in a movie about a boarding school where the students address Robin Williams as “Oh Captain, My Captain!”…what movie?


1)  The last movie in the book series about Vampires and werewolves and living in Washington state got a bunch of Razzies over the weekend.  What's this series called?
2)  MC Hammer got arrested over the weekend.  Fill in the blank to complete the title to his biggest hit.  "U Can't ________"
3)  Carrot Top is having a birthday today.  True or False...Carrot Top's real name is Scott Thompson.
4)  What cruise line company was the one whose ship had a fire, which left them adrift in the Caribbean? 
5)  What movie did Robert Di Niro win his first Oscar for?


1) The cast of the upcoming season of what dancing reality show is announced today? 
2) The Shania Twain Centre...a museum on Shania in her hometown, was shut down after 12 years.  What country is Shania from?
3) Michael Jackson's baby sister revealed that she's been married since last year. What's her name?
4) Christina Applegate also got married over the weekend.  She got her start on Fox's "Married w? Children" where she played what character?
5)  Some people are upset that Seth MacFarlane didn't do any voices from "Family Guy," one of the animated shows he created.  Name another.

1)  JWoww is celebrating her birthday today...probably with Snooki and The Situation.  What TV show introduced us to this idiocy?
2)  The ex husband of the late Whitney Houston has been jailed for ANOTHER DUI...who is he?
3)  Lindsey Lohan will appear on Charlie Sheen's show "Anger Management."  What Network airs that show?
4)  The Late Elizabeth Taylor would have been 81 today. Of the following..what was NOT an Elizabeth Taylor inspired perfume? A) Black Pearls B) Starlight or C) Gardenia?
5)  Kellie Pickler is going to be on the latest season of Dancing w/ The Stars...her second reality show.  Kellie was also on American Idol..on what season?

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