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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of February 18th


Thursday, February 21st

Sean strolls into class.

1)  Robin Roberts returned to what Television Morning Show yesterday?

2)  According to reports Mel B. will replace Sharon Osbourne on America's Got Talent.  What British girl group was Mel B a part of?

3)  Corbin Bleu, one of the stars of the High School musical movies is having a birthday today.  How many HSM movies have there been?

4)  Also celebrating a birthday is Kelsey Grammer...who famously played Frasier Crane.  What city to Frasier, and his dad and brother live in on "Frasier"?

5)  The Oscars are Sunday.  Seth Mcfarland is the host this year.  Who hosted LAST year?

Wednesday, February 20th

Ed GRADUATES!  He is the 15th person to ever do so!

1) Drew Carey was on our show this week. What’s the name of the game show he hosts?
2) The rock band with all the makeup just announced another massive world tour…since they’re in their 40th year! Who are they?
3) NBC is making a new drama based on the books Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon and more. It’s all about the evil Doctor Lechter. What’s his first name?
4) Elizabeth Shue’s brother Andrew is having a birthday today. What’s 90’s primetime drama did he star in?
5) Denzel Washington is nominated for ANOTHER Oscar. He’s won 2. Tell me either movie he won for.



Tuesday, February 19th

Clint revs his pop-culture brain.

1) Who stars as John McLain in ALL of the Die Hard movies?
2) Speaking of Willis..true or false? Willis was discovered working on a show on a cruise ship?
3) Alec Baldwin is going to be a daddy. Again. What actress does he have a 17 year old daughter with?
4) The ex-husband of Heidi Klum, Seal is having a birthday today. What country is Seal from?
5) Another Birthday today is Justine Bateman...Jason's older sister. She starred on the classic 80's sitcom, "Family Ties"...what was her character's name?



Monday, February 18th

Kelly puts away her notes, zips her backpack and sits down to take the test.

1) They still can't sell the late DicK Clark's house..that is based on a house that Fred and Wilma would have lived in in what Cartoon?
2) The letter turner on Wheel of Fortune is 55 today.  What's her name?
3) The Oscars are Sunday, Name ONE of the movies up for Best Picture.
4) "Safe Haven" is the latest chick flick from the dude that wrote "The Notebook".  Who is he?
5)  The NBA All Star Game was played last night. In 1996, All Star Shaquille ONeal starred in a movie about a 5000 year old genie that appears out of a boombox.  What was this movie called?

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