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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of February 11th


Friday, February 15th

Andie brings it. I mean, seriously.

1) The legendary actor John Barrymore was born on this day in 1882. He is the grandfather of what actress?

2) What country artist is quoted as saying this? “Oh, crap. It’s Valentine’s Day. I better get flowers or something” Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw.

3) The new Die Hard movie opens today. How many Die Hards have there been?

4) Name one person that starred in the movie “Valentine’s Day."

5) Simpson’s creator Matt Groening is having a Birthday today. What is the other Television cartoon he created?



Thursday, February 14th

Priscilla applies herself to some higher learning.

1) Happy Birthday Florence Henderson...who of course is most famous for playing Carol Brady on what Tv Show?

2) Howie Mandel has announced he WILL be returning to be a judge with Howard Stern on what show?

3) The Walking Dead has been named the Deadliest show on TV. What network airs The Walking Dead?

4) Out of the three movies, which one was the highest grossing romantic comedies of all time Pretty Woman, My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Sex and the City?

5) Speaking of Pretty Woman…what was the first name of Julia Roberts’ character?



Wednesday, February 13th

Let's see if Brenna has what it takes.

1) Every high school and middle school is getting a DVD copy of this best picture nominee, directed by Steven Spielberg, about the 16th President of the US.

2) Jerry Springer is having a Birthday today. True or False? Jerry is Canadian.

3) What John Cusak movie shows John as a young man named Lloyd Dobler, holding up a cranking boombox in order to win over the girl he loves?

4) Watching last night’s State of the Union Address got me thinking…Starting with our current leader, who have been the last 5 Presidents?

5) There’s talk of a James Bond reunion at the Oscars, with all the actors that played Bond appearing. How many actors have played Bond?



Tuesday, February 12th

Jessica sharpens her number two pencils and takes a seat.

1) Christina Ricci is 32 today…which is hard to believe since she got started starring in a movie about what Ghost?

2) The new season of this show starts in March with 2 new judges. What show?

3) Kiefer Sutherland just received the Hasty Pudding Theatricals’ Man of the Year Award from what prestigious Ivy League College.

4) The new James Bond movie is out on DVD today. What’s it called?

5) David Hasselhoff’s daughter got into some legal trouble over the weekend. What was David’s name on Baywatch?



Monday, February 11th

Heather goes to school.

1) The Grammy's were held last night.  In which city?

2) This past weekend marked the first anniversary of the death of what legendary singer?

3) How many Grammy's has Garth Brooks won?  2, 4 or 6?

4) What act won best new artist in 1990...only to have the award taken away?

5) Who won the grammy for Best Country Song last year?

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