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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of February 4th


Friday, February 8th

In this Tammy-free College Of Hollywood Knowledge, Tyler and Kimberly go head-to-head.



Wednesday, February 6th

What's in Holly's head?

1) What show is a take-off of “The Bachelor”…where instead of women, it’s a bunch of single men looking for a wife?

2) The ex husband of Kim Kardashian is having a Birthday today. What’s his name?

3) The grossest commercial of the Super Bowl was when that supermodel was making out with the nerd in the commercial for what company?

4) Fans of this show that was about on actor named Vince and his buddies, and costarred Jeremy Piven as an agent named Ari , will be thrilled that there will be a movie version coming soon. What’s the show?

5) Donald Trump is suing comedian and talk show host Bill Maher for 5 million dollars. What’s the name of the show Maher is the host of?



Tuesday, February 5th

Tim McGraw - yes, Tim McGraw - plays on Angela's behalf.


Monday, February 4th

This is Amanda. Can she pass?

1) What network aired the Super Bowl yesterday?

2) This ex host of the Today show and current talk show host has admitted to going on a date with Larry King. What’s her name?

3) Beyonce rocked the Super Bowl Half Time show on Sunday. Which of these artists have NOT played the halftime show? a) New Kids On The Block b)Michael Jackson C) AC/DC

4) Groundhog’s Day was Saturday. In the movie “Groundhog’s Day” what was Bill Murray’s character’s job?

5) The tv show “30 Rock” ended its 7 year run last week. Tina Fey created and also starred on the show. What was her character’s name?

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