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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of January 28th


Friday, February 1st

Can Misty do it?

1)  True or False?  Green Bay won the first Super Bowl.

2)  Who won the Super Bowl last year?

3)  Where is this years Super Bowl being held?

4)  If San Francisco wins on Sunday, how many Super Bowls will the franchise have won?

5)  Name the kicker for either of this years' Super Bowl teams?



Thursday, January 31st

Jeff sharpens his mental muscles or something.

1) The ex-lead singer of N*Sync and current actor is turning 31 today. Who is he?

2) Penny Marshall revealed that Demi Moore was supposed to play the lead the women’s baseball flick “A League of Their Own” …but had to back out because she and her then husband were expecting. Who was Demi married to?

3) By FAR one of the best commercials from the 2011 Super Bowl was the little kid dressed as Darth Vader using his powers to start a car. What car company was it for?

4) What is the most popular Facebook game of all time?

5) On this day in 1993 the one of the biggest music stars in history sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Who is he?



Wednesday, January 30th

Dena gives it the ol' College try.

1) The website The Boot posted the question “what’s the worst country song that unbelievably became a hit?” The response was Red Solo Cup, by whom?

2) Oh crap! Another possible Kardashian tv show…this time, the mom is getting her own talkshow. What’s her name?

3) Vegas is taking bets on whether or not this artist shows cleavage when she performs at the SuperBowl halftime show. Who’s the artist?

4) Tom Selleck, the star of Magnum PI had a birthday yesterday. What was Magnum’s first name on the show?

5) Christian Bale, The Dark Knight, is 38 today. He won an Oscar for what movie?



Tuesday, January 29th

We're all counting on you, Matt.

1) What’s happening this Sunday at 3:30 Pacific/6:30 Eastern?

2) This 80’s boy band with the initials NKOTB have announced a massive tour and just put out a new song. Which band is this?

3) Burt Reynolds was hospitalized over the weekend with the flu. True or False…Burt’s real name is Barton Leon Reynolds Jr.

4) The guy that directed and then made out with Kristen Stewart is getting divorced. What was the name of the movie that he directed Kristen in?

5) USA Today released a list of the TOP 25 SUPER BOWL ADS of the PAST 24 YEARS…the #1 spot was from 1993 when which two basketball players played a ridiculous game of horse for a Big Mac?



Monday, January 28th

Does Barbara pass the test?

1) The number one movie in America is a reboot of a classic fairy tale about an abandoned brother and sister and their experience with a witch,  What is it?

2) Adam Levine hosted SNL this weekend.  What group is he the lead singer of?

3) The season finale of Downton Abbey aired this weekend.  What network airs Downton Abbey?

4) Patton Oswalt had a birthday over the weekend.  Oswalt is probably best known for playing Spence on "King of Queens".  But he also voiced the title role in what Pixar  movie about a rat that is also a chef?

5) JJ Abrahms has just been announced as the director of the new Star Wars Movie.  Abrams is an accomplished movie director, but is also known for his TV work. Name a TV show that Abrahms created.

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