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Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of January 21st


Friday, January 25

Alaina goes to school.

1) Oprah’s Network “OWN” got a HUGE ratings boost after the interview with this disgraced athlete aired.

2) Women almost rioted on Tuesday night, when this “Copacabana” singer was forced to cancel a concert.

3) Which one of these soap operas is still on the air? Days of Our Lives, One Life To Live or Guiding Light?

4) The CW has a show on based on Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex In The City when she was a teen. What’s that character’s name?

5) Believe it or not, there is an Amish reality show called “Amish Mafia”…what cable channel carries it?



Thursday, January 24

Let's find out what Annette can do.

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger claims he wants his ex-wife back. What’s her first name?

2) Everyone’s talking about Beyonce lip-syncing the National Anthem. Beyonce got her start in the group “Destiny’s Child” who broke out in what year? 1995, 1997, or 1999?

3) Barbara Walters is recovering from a fall and hasn’t been on The View. With Barbara gone, how many women are left to host The View?

4) Justin Bieber has surpassed Lady Gaga as the most followed person on Twitter. Who is the 3rd most followed? Katy Perry, President Obama or Rhianna?

5) Idol was on last night with its 3 new judges, Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey joining veteran Randy Jackson. In total, since Idol aired in first aired in 2002…how many judges have they had?



Wednesday, January 23

Patty takes the test.

1) Rumors are swirling that this Country/pop artist charted a jet to London to meet up with her ex-boyfriend…which if true, means that we are never, ever getting back together, might not be the case.

2) On this day in 2005, this LEGENDARY host of the Tonight Show passed away, leaving Ed McMahon with no one to be a sidekick to.

3) When I say the phrases “wax on, wax off, paint the fence and sand the floor” which movie am I referring to?

4) Richard Dean Anderson is having a Birthday today. He played the title character on what 80’s and 90’s television show?

5) Bill Cosby, Michael J Fox and Katy Perry are among many stars that dropped out of high school, only to receive their GED. What does GED stand for?



Tuesday, January 22

Carla, or perhaps Karla, takes on Tammy's gigantic pop-culture filled cranium:

1) Kelly Clarkson sang at the Presidential Inauguration yesterday. What singing talent show did she win?

2) Prince Harry said he let the Royal Family down with his naked billiards party pictures scandal. In what city did this happen?

3) By now we’ve all heard about Notre Dame footballer Manti Te’o, who was supposedly the victim of a fake girlfriend hoax. What film set at Notre Dame featured an nonathletic kid working his way onto the football team, with heroic results?

4) There’s speculation that this Grammy winning singer who used to be engaged to Lance Armstrong knew about his doping. Who is she?

5) The Superbowl is set with San Francisco going against Baltimore. What two teams played each other last year?

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