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Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of January 14th


Wednesday, January 16th

Let's see how far Tori gets.

1) Ozzy Osbourne’s wife has blasted Lady Gaga for wearing a gun-bra. What’s Ozzy’s wife name?

2) Taylor Swift has just ended another relationship. Name another guy that Taylor’s been linked to.

3) Showtime’s Homeland won Best Television Drama at the Emmy’s and The Golden Globes…what Media Giant owns Showtime? A)CBS B)Time Warner C) Disney

4) Jodie Foster may or may not have retired from acting. If she does, it’s shame…because she’s won how many Oscars?

5) Meghan Fox is co-starring in the hilarious film, This Is 40. She’s married to Brian Austin Green, who played what character of Beverly Hills 90210?



Tuesday, January 15

Willard takes a stab:


1) Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah yesterday that he cheated...making all those Tour de France titles a sham.  What's the biggest city in France?

2) No word on whether the sequel to Anchorman will be filmed in San Diego again.  According to Ron Burgandy, what was a bad choice?

3) Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck were both at the Golden Globes and of course were a couple in 2004.  What nickname did the tabloids give them?

4) Austrailan Paul Hogan made an appearance at the Globes with his wife..who starred with him in what classic 80's movie?

5) Jason Bateman is having a birthday.  Jason got his start, playing the bad-boy friend of Ricky Shroeder in what sitcom?



Monday, January 14

Does Carol have what it takes?

1) The Golden Globes were held last night.  In what city do they take place?

2)  We like to play a game called  "Golden Globes or Golden Girls" on this show..on the TV many Golden Girls were there?

3)  Homeland was another big winner at the Globes. What Network is Homeland on?

4) Liam Hemsworth, star of Hunger Games and Miley Cyrus' fiance had a birthday over the weekend.  His older brother played Thor.  What's HIS name?

5) Zero Dark Thirty is America's #1 Movie.  It's Directed by Kathyrn Bigelow...who won best Director and Best Director for what movie in 2009?

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