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Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of January 7th


Friday, January 11th

How does John fare?

1) Who is the comedienne/talk show host who’s show was moved up to 11:35 this week?

2) The Mother in The Judds is 66 today. Who is she?

3) The Hunger Games dominated the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday. It, of course is based on the book of the same name. How many books are in the Hunger Games series?

4) Bradley Cooper was nominated for an Oscar yesterday….but NOT for the character that he played in the “Hangover” Movies. What’s his name?

5) The new Superman movie “Man of Steel” comes out this summer. What’s the name of the city that Superman/Clark Kent lives in?



Thursday, January 10th

Heather takes on the five questions.

1) Adam Sandler, again, leads the nominees for the Razzie’s…which celebrates the worst in Cinema. Name ANY Adam Sandler Movie.

2) The TV show Dallas announced they will kill off Larry Hagman’s character. Hagman passed away late last year. What character did he play on Dallas?

3) What Hockey team does Carrie Underwood’s hubby play for? The Calgary Flames, The Florida Panthers or The Nashville Predators?

4) Matthew McConaughey has gained back 25 pounds after losing a ton of weight for his last movie. True or False…Matt’s dad played professional football for the LA Rams.

5) The Oscar Nominations came out today. What film won Best Picture last year?



Wednesday, January 9th

Amy's got her number two pencils sharpened.

1) Prince William’s wife is having a birthday today. Who is she?

2) “Friends” star Courtney Cox has admitted to having all kinds of work done to keep looking young. What’s the name of the show she’s currently starring on?

3) Taylor Swift and Harry Styles from One Direction have broken up. How many boys are in the group “One Direction”…5, 4 or 6?

4) Michael Phelps’ chief competitor and teammate on the Olympic Swimming has been given his own reality show on E. Who is he?

5) The late Bob Denver-Gilligan- would have been 78 today. On his famous show, Gilligan’s Island, what was the term of endearment that the Skipper had for Gilligan?



Monday, January 7th

Collin strives for pop-culture academic excellence:

1) George Lucas announced he’s going to get married. What science fiction epic did he create?

2) Men’s Health Magazine has named this singer and ex wife of Russell Brand as the hottest woman of 2013. Who is she?

3) Both Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian are expecting a baby. Of the two divas…who’s older?

4) The new Star of the Bourne movie franchise..who also played Hawkeye in the Avengers is having a birthday today. What’s his name?

5) Texas Chainsaw 3d is the nation’s first number one movie of the year. How many Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies have been made?

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