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Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of December 31st


Friday, Januray 4

Adam tries his best:

1) Bradley Cooper is celebrating his birthday tomorrow.  Last year, he was named Sexiest Man Alive by which magazine?

2) Gangham Style was not only the most watched video of 2012, but the most watched EVER so far on Youtube!   What is the singer’s name?

3) Kelly Clarkson recently got engaged to Reba’s stepson.  What is Reba’s new TV show called?

4) Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband sold their Beverly Hills mansion for $8 Million, what is his name?

5) Wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan, is moving forward with his $100 million lawsuit against Gawker for posting a very private tape online.  What is Hulk Hogan’s legal first name? 


Thursday, January 3

Rob takes on Tammy in the New Year

1)  Rumors of Katie Holmes dating Jake Gylennhal have been shot down by their reps.  Who is Katie Holmes ex-husband?

2) The latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, has brought in over $1 BILLION worldwide!  Who plays Bond in the movie?

3) Former Real Housewife star, Bethenny Frankel is getting divorced – what city of Real Housewives was Bethenny a part of?

4) Jessica Simpson confirmed her 2nd pregnancy over the Holiday – which boy band was her ex husband, Nick Lachey, a part of?

5) The New Season of American Idol premieres this month on the 16th – name all 4 judges this season.

Wednesday, January 2

Tammy proctors for Mark and Derrick:

1)  Kim Kardashian Announced she is pregnant.  Who is her boyfriend?

2) Former professional dancer, Len Goodman, got married over the weekend.  I'm sure he gave his Wedding a 10.  What reality show is he a judge on? 

3) Hugh Hefner married his 60 year younger fiance on New Years Eve at the Playboy Mansion.  How many marriages is this now for Hef?

4)  Taylor Swift shared a New Years kiss with her boyfriend Harry Styles.  What boy band is he in? 

5)  American Idol winner Kris Allen was involved in a car accident leaving him with a broken arm.  He was still able to tweet that he is going to be a daddy!  What season of Idol did he win? 

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