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Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of December 10th


Thursday, December 13 2012

Rianna dons the ol' pop-culture mortarboard.


Wednesday, December 12 2012

Laura has her number two pencils sharpened and ready.

1) They are making a movie based on the phone game that consists of mad feathered creatures knocking things down. What is this game called?

2) Jennifer Lawrence has been named the most desirable woman in the world by Jennifer played Katniss in what HUGELY popular movie?

3) Bob Barker is having a birthday today. Of course he is the long time host of the Price is right. At the end of every show, what did he remind you to do with your pets?

4) The creator of Family Guy is one of Barbara Walters most Fascinating People of 2012. Who is he?

5) In the Holiday Classic Home Alone, what did the Burglars played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern call themselves?


Tuesday, December 11 2012

Deborah gets her entertainment academia on.


Monday, December 10 2012

Has Jessica been studying?

1) The new Gerard Butler/Dennis Quaid movie bombed. It’s not the first bomb for Dennis. He starred in Jaws 3D, which focused on what man eating mammal?

2) Tom Brady and his Supermodel Wife had a baby over the weekend. Who is she?

3) Susan Dey is having a birthday today. She’s best known for playing the keyboards in her family band and driving around in a multicolored bus in this classic TV show.

4) E Online has named “Miracle on 34th Street” as the best Xmas movie of all time. Name any other movie in the top 5.

5) The Video Game Awards were held over the weekend. What network airs them?

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