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Tammy's College Of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of December 3rd


December 5, 2012

Has Jessica got what it takes to graduate?

1) The Creator of Disneyland was born on this day in 1901. Who is he?

2) US Athlete Gabby Douglas is on Barbara Walters’ list of 2012’s Most Fascinating people. What sport is she a gold medalist in?

3) Eddie Murphy tops the list of the Most OverPaid Actors in Hollywood. True or False? Eddie’s real name is Theodore.

4) Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their first child. Who is next in line to become King of England?

5) Part of The cast of Christmas Vacation has reunited for an Old Navy commercial. How many vacation movies have there been?

December 4, 2012

Let's see what Kelly can do.

1) This host of The Tonight Show, was named TV’s funniest late night host in a 60 minutes poll.

2) Prince William is going to be a new dad! Who is HIS mother?

3) Bill Murray says he WILL RETURN for the 3rd installament of THIS movie where he costars with Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. What movie series is this?

4) Kim Kardashian is Yahoo’s 3rd highest search of the year…finishing behind the election and what Apple device?

5) The man who hosted the legendary Game Show Tic Tac Dough turns 78 today. Who is he?

December 3, 2012

Does Robert have what it takes?

1) Oops she turned 31! Happy Birthday to this singer and XFactor Judge.

2) Apparently the wedding is back on between 26 year old Crystal Harris and the 85 year old founder of Playboy. Who is he?

3) NBC is filming a remake of a classic movie musical that starred Julie Andrews as a nun turned nanny. What’s this classic called?

4) The final chapter in Christian Bale’s Batman Trilogy is out on DVD this week. What’s it called?

5) Speaking on Christian Bale…he is an Oscar winner…what movie did he win his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for?

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