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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of November 5, 2012


November 9, 2012

Will Tammy lose 2 days in a row? Patty takes her on

1.  Mark Wahlberg is rumored to be starring in the 4th movie about those cars that are actually alien robots.  What movie franchise is this?  

2.  The new James Bond Movie opens today.  It’s called “Skyfall.”  Name any other Bond movie.  

3.  Actor Lou Ferrigno turns 61 today.  He was famous for the TV show where he played what Superhero, who you really don’t want to make angry?

4.  Ray Romano is guest starring on the TV show Parenthood this season.  What did his character do for a living on his show “Everybody Loves Raymond”

5.  Writer/Director Cameron Crowe while working for Rolling Stone, went undercover as a student at Clairemont High School, in San Diego to write an article that became what classic 80’s movie?




November 8, 2012

Divelle GRADUATES!  She becomes the 10th person to win $100 from Tammy

1.  Jermaine Jackson wants to change his last name for artistic reasons.  Who is his late brother?

2.  Jennifer Lopez is denying that she got a maid fired for asking for an autograph. True or False.  Jennifer Lopez’s real last name is Lopez.

3.  The creator and star of the TV show Hell’s Kitchen in having a birthday today. What’s his name?

4.  Time Warner Inc. is the world's second largest media company.  Which of the following do they NOT own? A) ESPN B) HBO C) TNT

5.  The sequel to Top Gun is NOT going to happen now.  We all know that Tom Cruise’s handle in the film is Maverick…but what was his real first name?  

November 7, 2012

Cassie tries her best

1.  Clint Eastwood is no doubt yelling at a chair this morning.  Name a Clint movie.  

2.  This host of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice called the election a joke on Twitter yesterday.  Who is that?

3.  The actress who won two Oscars and is famous for declaring “YOU LIKE ME!  YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!” after winning one of them had a birthday yesterday.  Name her.

4.  It was Keith Urbans birthday the other day – name one of his daughters?

5.  America has voted that their favorite FICTIONAL Presidents are Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact, Bill Pullman in Independence Day and Harrison Ford in what movie?

November 6, 2012

Matthew on Election Day with a Presidential Theme

1.  What political party does Mitt Romney belong to?

2.  Steven Speilberg is directing a movie about the final days of THIS president, who is famous for the Gettysburg Address and for freeing the slaves.

3.  More than 20 actors have portrayed this President who was rumored to have had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.

4.  The White House is famously blown up in the movie Independence Day.  What branch of the Military was Will Smith’s character in?

5.  Keifer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer served under what president in the first three seasons of 24?

November 5, 2012

Amanda TIES Tammy

1.  True or False…Reba’s real first name is Rebecca. 

2.  This American Idol Champion and Country Superstar has a duet with Aerosmith on their latest record.  Who is she?

3.  Kim, Khloe and Courtney Kardashian’s mom is having a birthday today.  Who is she?

4.  Who is Lorenzo Dominic LaValle’s mommy? 

5.  On Halloween, Sandra Bullock dressed as the female star of the Toy Story movies, the love of Buzz Lightyear. Name the character.  

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