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October 18, 2012

Greg GRADUATES!  He is the 9th person to do so

1)  There are now rumors that Kristen Stewart may have been unfaithful to Robert Pattinson with Taylor Lautner.  What movie franchise are all these actors a part of?

2)  Zac Effron is now 25.  He was 17 when he made the Disney Channel movie that made him a star.  What was that?  

3)  This Olympic swimmer and Subway spokesperson who has won more medals than any athlete in Olympic history, has recently named the fittest man of all time.  

4)  Action star Jean Claude Van Damme is having a birthday today.  Which of the following is NOT a Van Damme movie? A) Above the Law     B) Double Impact  C) Time Cop  

5)  Ashton Kutcher was named Forbes’ Highest Paid TV Actor.  # 2 on the list was the actor who starred in House.  What’s his name?

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