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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge week of September 24, 2012



Sept 27, 2012

Jessica tries her best

  1. JWoww got engaged to her guido boyfriend recently.  What’s the show that she’s a part of on MTV?

  2. George Strait announced yesterday his next tour will be his last.  What state is George from? A)Tennessee B) Oklahoma C) Texas

  3. JK Rowling indicated that she may think about doing a spinoff on Harry Potter.  Perhaps it will be about his 2 best friends.  Name one of them.

  4.  Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are the proud parents of 3 kids.  What was the TV show that turned Jennifer into a star?

  5. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new book out that talks about the good times he had while filing his 2 Conan movies.  The first one was Conan the Barbarian.  What was its sequel called?

Sept 26, 2012

Another TIE!  Charles is so close to winning

  1. Jeff Probst’s talk show debuted this month.  What long running elimination reality show is he also the host of?

  2. The TV show The Walking Dead features WHAT kind of monsters?

  3. Steven Speilberg admitted that he has dyslexia.  Which of the following movies did Steven NOT direct? A) Jaws B) Goonies C) Jurassic Park

  4. Pam Anderson was the first All Star voted off Dancing with the Stars.  Name all 3 judges on Dancing.  

  5. TLC’s “Here Comes Honey BooBoo is HUGE and is having it’s season finale tonight.  What’s Honey Boo Boo’s mama’s name?

Sept 25, 2012

Jessica tries to take on Tammy

  1. Where do Ernie and Bert live?

  2. Everyone is talking about Monday Night Football and the blown call last night.  Monday Night Football is shown on ESPN…what network did it originally air on?

  3. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a new mom!  What TV show in the late 90’s made Sarah a STAR?

  4. Michael Douglas is 68 today.  What movie did he win his best Actor Oscar for?

  5. Heather Locklear is having a birthday today.  She starred as Amanda Woodward on Melrose place.  What type of business did she run on the show?

Sept 24, 2012


Amy TIES Tammy in the last question!

  1. Jim Henson would have been 76 today.  He of course created The Muppets and was the voice of this frog.  

  2. Dancing With The Stars is back tonight.  Which season is this? A) 15 B) 16 C) 14   

  3. The Drama “Homeland” was the big winner at last night’s Emmy awards.  What network is Homeland on?

  4. The Avengers is out on DVD tomorrow.  Which hero did Scarlett Johansson play?

  5. The TV show “Full House” had a reunion over the weekend…and the entire cast showed up, except the Olsen Twins.  What was the name of the character that Twins played on Full House?

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