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  Ready...Set...CRAWL!  Five babies raced to the finish line to win his/her parents those backstage passes to MEET Tim McGraw!     Listen to Tim McCRAWL here:     Congrats Isabella!!   See all photos HERE           See complete rules HERE  
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Write A Tune Tuesday: Pay Taxes
  Kevin Begin put together a song based on your ideas, Tax Day!   Listen to Pay Taxes here:   See more from Kevin Begin HERE  
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge: Week of 4/14/14
April 17, 2014 Will Alexis graduate this College, while she plays in between her classes from her actual College:       Wednesday April 16, 2014 Will Tammy lose two days in a row?  Ricky takes her on:     Tuesday April 15, 2014   Matt GRADUATES and wins $100 ...
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Cub Scout Interviews Us
7 year old Cub Scout, Aaron, joins us in studio to get his next Badge and brings questions to interview US!   Listen here to what Aaron asks us:    
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Write A Tune Tuesday: Spring Broke
The Morgan Leigh Band put together a Spring Break song for Parents with Write A Tune Tuesday!   Listen to Spring Broke here:     See more from The Morgan Leigh Band HERE      
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge for the week of April 7, 2014
Monday, April 7 Wayne takes on the champ
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Tammy's Shirtless Military Men
Tammy says Ethan should be on the cover of the photo album, what do you think?   Ethan shares his experience with John & Tammy:     Sgt Ken Molt challenged Tammy with Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge and even though he WON, he still took off his shirt!   ...
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Write A Tune Tuesday: April Fool
Roxy King joined John & Tammy on April Fools' Day so it seemed only fitting to put together a song on Write A Tune Tuesday to mark the occassion   Listen to April Fool here:     See more from Roxy King HERE    
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Padres PA Practice
  John visits local businesses to use their PA system and practice before his next tryout for the Padres PA job! Stop #4: Lowes See John announce the specials at Lowes: Store Manager Mark gives John his feedback - listen here: Stop #3: Lindo Park Elementary School See John at ...
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Write A Tune Tuesday: Spring Break You Never Let Me Down
Katie Leigh and the Infantry put together a new song based on your topic for Write A Tune Tuesday...Spring Break!   Listen to Spring Break You Never Let Me Down:     See more from Katie Leigh and the Infantry:
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